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  1. scoobuss
  2. scoobuss
    scoobuss Lectrician
    i bought a fermax loft phone entry reference 3393 and i cannot work out how to wire it up as the markings numbers are all diferent from the older phone entry. it is a basic phone answer with key button door release. do you know anyone who knows or specializes here on screwfix forums
  3. Naz man
    Naz man Mr. Handyandy
    Hi, I was handyman myself but now looking to do my mother in laws in built cupboard,but do to it my condition of health as worsen during the months. I won't be able to finished the other side of the In built cupboard I have prepared the work to carry out just need someone who can do the job I'm looking for someone good,local know what they doing so can u please help me out here. My in laws are from handsworth ,B21
  4. Paul O
    Paul O 14th edition
    Just sockets and lights, even gone as far as changing every single socket in the house (Built 1995) and still no joy

    Ps, would an electrician come out to test 'everything'? Sorry, but am new here and apologise in advance for being naive, but am not a tradesmen.. Thanks
  5. ALE123456789
    ALE123456789 Lectrician
    i was doing a zs on a 32A ring main on a tt system i was getting 19 ohms what would be my next step be to lower that value?
  6. Phil the Paver
    Phil the Paver screwfix.peter
    Hi Peter, when I'm logged on the site is very slow in doing anything, its taking upwards of 2 minutes to post a reply to threads and even sending this has taken 3 or 4 minutes, every other web site I visits is working perfectly so assume its on here, ???
  7. richhand
    richhand screwfix.peter
    Hello Peter, is it possible to change my profile name to richhand all one word?
  8. Shelli Stone
    Shelli Stone screwfix.peter
    Hi Peter, would you be so kind as to delete my account please? Many Thanks
  9. Dr Decorator
    Dr Decorator
    Never A Problem, Only A Solution
  10. Aged P
    Aged P screwfix.peter
    Hi Peter. I'm told you are the guru for all things Screw fix.
    I'm after 7 lights (19036) but only 2 in stock locally in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. It's not available for delivery and no one can tell me if and when it will be. Other branches have stock so do Screwfix not offer the facility to gather into one branch?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  11. Joe95
    Joe95 screwfix.peter
  12. tina lucinda lane
    tina lucinda lane Risteard
    ok then fair play deadlock then truce?
  13. tina lucinda lane
    tina lucinda lane Risteard
    do you have the pat cert of training?
    1. Risteard
      Yes. I scored 100% in the exam.
      Jan 29, 2017
  14. tina lucinda lane
    tina lucinda lane Risteard
    think you need to pick up a copy of the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 4th Edition
    1. Risteard
      I have it thankyou, but unlike you I actually understand it.
      Jan 29, 2017
  15. fostyrob
    fostyrob screwfix.peter
    Hi peter,
    Could I request a change of username please?
  16. fred812
    Whatever I say, I'm not saying I know more than you.
  17. Big Bad Adam from Scotland
  18. Mint123
    Mint123 joinerjohn1
    Hey! Are you Alex? My brother Alan Murray is looking for you.
  19. chippie244
    Don't be a smart ****, be smart.
  20. tina lucinda lane
    tina lucinda lane chippie244
    thanks chippie244