Cleaning Alloy Wheels .. is it possible ?!?!

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by wingit, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. wingit

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    We have a Fiat Punto and a Volvo V70 .. both front disc brakes. The Volvo wheels clean up fairly well with a bit of elbow grease (on it's 6 monthly wash) but the Punto .. no chance. The alloys are dust stained and I can't shift a gram of it. Anyone know of a chemical I could use or any tips? I'm not a car buff at all .. but the wheels look a mess.

  2. FatHands

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    There are some good cleaners available at Halfords, Euro Car parts etc although they are quite expensive and if the wheels are really dusty will take a fair bit to shift it all.
    If you had something big enough you could always take them off and soak them in some nice soapy water overnight. I've done it and mine came up quite well.
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  3. wingit

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    Thanks FATHANDS .. I will wait until my wife is out for the day and throw a couple of wheels in the bath for 8 hours and see how it works out. If I'm caught, do you know a good divorce lawyer?
  4. Mr. Handyandy

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    Have you tried paraffin, petrol or turps?
    You'll need to take the wheel off to use these, then scrub with soapy water and rinse after using the fuel, obviousy.
    Try a little as a test.
    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
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  5. CraigMcK

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    I use wonder wheels it works a treat, put it on with a small paintbrush leave it for a few minutes while you do the next one and hose off. Might need a couple of goes if they are really bad

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