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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by bathroom boy, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. bathroom boy

    bathroom boy New Member

    I need to do some work above a pitched apex conservatory roof, upvc and usual polycarbonate glazing sheets, how strong is this stuff, will I be able to put a plywood sheet over it and will it take the weight without damaging it.
  2. Doink

    Doink New Member

    You wont put your foot through it if thats what you mean,as for laying ply on it first,this would help spread your weight but may,just may pull the sheet from under its rubbers. How would you stop the ply sliding down into the gutter,i'd much rather and have done in the past is to bridge the glazing bars,but i was about 18st when i was a wee conservatory fitter,bit lighter now. What work have you got to do above the roof?
  3. devils advocate

    devils advocate New Member

    Avoid the sheets themselves - they ain't strong and you'll end up inside the 'servatory..

    The vertical glazing beads should be able to take your weight PROVIDED it is spread evenly over them - any localised pressure can bend/distort them. Ideally place a sheet which will span over at least three beadings (two at a pinch) and will also go to the very top and bottoms of the beads where the bending force will be less. And place something 'soft' along the beadings first.

    The top apex of the roof is pretty strong, but whatever is on there could be susceptible to damage. Similarly, the other 'strongest' part of the glazing bead is near the bottom directly over where the con' wall is.
  4. bathroom boy

    bathroom boy New Member

    It's my own conservatory, don't think I would risk it with a customers, as for the sheet falling past the gutter wouldn't be a problem as it is a boxed gutter which is against kitchen extension wall, on which I want to either replace or clad the soffits and facia boards.
    On the corner just above conservatory roof the timber is rotting probably due to splashback of heavy rain from conservatory roof.Somebody told me years ago these roofs would take a fair degree of weight but I am a bit skeptical on this.
  5. Doink

    Doink New Member

    The roof itself is aluminuim clad with plastic so is pretty strong,id have no problem in shimying up a glazing bar even at 18st,the sheets i had a little bit less trust in,their ok to rest a foot on or a knee but i certainly wouldnt sit in the middle of one and swing a hammer. Place a 3m youngman across the glazing bars and prop it up from your ali box gutter to stop it sliding down
  6. bathroom boy

    bathroom boy New Member

    Cheers lads, thanks for the replies.

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