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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by spark rochdale, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. spark rochdale

    spark rochdale New Member

    My garage as been targeted by robbers twice .

    In my garage i have my mains board and cut out .

    i know the robbers will be back so im planning on taking a 10mm stright form the cut out the run it round the wall to the garage door then stripping all the sheving off the copper so it is bare and string it across the width of the gargage so when they break in when its dark they wont be able to see the bare live copper and walk into the copper wire and get a nasty crack ..

    is it possible and does it comply with bs7671

    and do u think they will die or just swear out load

    and will it blow my main fuse ,if so i might just run a kitkat wraper a cross the cut out so it dont blow

    any surrguestions
  2. nottsspark

    nottsspark New Member

    cant see it complying with BS but for extra effect id recommend filling your garage with water for extra effect. just make sure you dont forget before u open the garage urself :)
  3. steve CF

    steve CF New Member

  4. spark rochdale

    spark rochdale New Member

    good idea..... i think i might just tip a bit of water on the floor under the cable ... hope my gradma does not go get her zimmer frame in the middle of the night
  5. Bando

    Bando Member

    A guy who lives near me had motorbikes stolen out of his garage 3 times. He knew who was doing it, the police knew too. He warned the lad if he did it again he was gonna get hurt. The lad was putting his hand over the top of the garage door to open the latch. He wired a 1mm single live from the a light switch in the garage to the top of the up and over door and positioned it dangling next to the latch without touching it. All he had to do was switch it off when he wanted to leave. The lad tried to break in and touched the cable, his hand was trapped in the door and he was very lucky he didn't die. He burns to his hand. The guy had 5 years jail and did 2 and a half. The law stinks. Don't think the lad has nicked ay more bikes though.
  6. Bando

    Bando Member

    I too have had my garage broken in too and this has got me thinking. If i installed a 5000v electric fence for a farmer last year and it gives hell of a belt. I have an electric roller door on my garage on a remote control. Any one got any idea if i istalled it in my garage, put the live to the door and dropped the earth spike,would it do any damage to the electic motor or reciever??
  7. lastword

    lastword New Member

  8. ultimatehandyman

    ultimatehandyman New Member

    Burglars do not like it when a Gun shot is heard for some reason! I suggest that you get a couple of These, But be careful with them!

    The Gun shop on the Road from Whitworth to Rochdale, just before the B&Q sells them, only a few quid each!

    Should sort your little problem.

    My garage is like fort Knox, Locks on side door cost £100. Front door can only be opened from inside, it is concrete with steel doors and a steel roof as once the Burglars came through the roof, it is also alarmed!

  9. Top Trumper

    Top Trumper New Member

    This is just a thought, what would happen if??
    You set up a so called electric shock system, the little knob who breaks in gets fried, and then you remove all existence of the cable?

    How could anybody prove anything?
  10. Alex G

    Alex G New Member

    Don't forget to make sure the main bonding is upto scratch before comencing the work, also make sure you do a minor works cert for the 10mm bare copper.
  11. dingbat

    dingbat New Member

    The main concern when dealing with trespassers is to make sure that the body is never discovered. ;)

    (Er, that is, I <u>imagine</u> that would be the main thing...)
  12. Datacom

    Datacom New Member

    As an alternative, obtain an old laser printer and use the heating element as a shocking device, this has a really big effect, i have had a sock off of one and I can assure you its more than 240 volts.

    You could strip the magnetron from an old microwave and use the high voltage from that to run through some fishing wire strung across the doorway, like a hot-wire cheese knife with the added bonus of electric current.

    Get hold of an old rover v8 capacitive dischage ignition system, this is basically a bank of capacitors which can be powered by a 12volt car battery, they "charge up" and will dischage all of their stored current instantly, this can be up to 37 thousand volts, positively shocking.

    I know this because when i was at college, i wired up the test rig we had to a metal work bench and retired to a safe distance. another student backed up to the bench and put his hand on the vice, thus receiving arounf 30-35,000 volts, which made him fall to the ground like water and pi55 himself. you see, with a coil the spark is broken, with CDI it is constant. ouch
  13. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    which made him fall to the ground like water and pi55 himself.

    My mate does that regulaly, but it only takes a few pints of Wife Beater for the same effect! :^O

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