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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by alwaysworking, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. alwaysworking

    alwaysworking New Member

    Hi Guys,
    quick question, building a porch and was wondering whether a depth of 1 mtr is enough and if 3 foot deep of concrete and 2 foot wide is too much...any suggestions.

  2. building control

    building control New Member

    are you planning on filling the trench?

    it will certainly be strong enough, 150mm depth will be enough.
  3. alwaysworking

    alwaysworking New Member

    Hi BC,
    Not sure what you mean by filling the trench?

    My plan was to dig down 1 mtr, fill with concrete 3 ft deep and brick up from that...Are you say that 150mm of concrete is enough.

  4. Biffo

    Biffo Member

    BC is taking the **** !!!!

    150mm Footing ??? ***

    keep the width to about 300 mm .it.ll never move
  5. yorkshireboy

    yorkshireboy New Member

    150 mm concrete is more than enough how high is your porch two storeys ??????
  6. multi trade

    multi trade New Member

    Built a two storey detached house 3000 sq ft, engineer calculated the footings ( after test digging the site ) 150 mm concrete, no steel . Building control came out after pouring, foundations depend on soil types and weather soil is virgin .
  7. fooman

    fooman New Member

    trying to find any virgin these days is hard :^O
  8. Biffo

    Biffo Member

    your telling this guy to dig down 6 inch 150mm , then pour conc to level then build on it ???????????????????????

    What fucik#mg planet you on ????
  9. limestone cowboy

    limestone cowboy New Member

    I think there may be a misunderstanding here. There are two depths being referred to. One is the depth of the trench, the other is the depth of concrete.
  10. building control

    building control New Member

    er yes, he said dig a 1m deep trench and put 3 ft (900mm) concrete in it, I meant its a waste to trench fill and to use 150mm concrete, in a 2 ft wide trench at least 1m deep.
  11. Biffo

    Biffo Member

    ok bc ,I see what you mean now
    I do many conservatories and porches , I get a team in to do the building work . Ive always dug out 1000mm and mass filled to 3/4 courses below damp ,then start brickwork
    ,are you saying I only need to pour 150mm then start the brickwork
    I cannot see the advantage in this ,Time,cost to bring brick upto damp

    confussed !!!!
  12. limestone cowboy

    limestone cowboy New Member

    You only need 150mm of concrete but it many cases it's cheaper and easier to fill the trench. In this area, where you hit solid limestone as shallow as 6 inches deep, it isn't always possible to dig nice clean trenches as in clay for trenchfill, so I use a strip foundation then build up in blocks.

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