how to test for asbestos in artex?

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by jonsey491, May 10, 2006.

  1. jonsey491

    jonsey491 New Member

    how do u test or tell the differnce in artex which has asbestos ?
  2. paulines pens

    paulines pens New Member

    hi, we had trace of absbestos in our artex on the landing walls( very 70's) it was only bought to our attention when we had a subsidence claim and following inspection, basically they took samples away, sent to a lab, results positive.the out come is that we need to have it re-skimmed or move out for a week so it can all be removed.we opted for option 1.
    good luck

    MOONSHINE New Member

    We are talking pre 1985 Asbestos was used. You need to get it tested by a lab. It will be expensive though.
  4. billybo'

    billybo' New Member

    Have a look at, they were really helpful and will test a sample for a very reasonable cost.

    Done a lot of looking into this myself recently as I discovered that we did have asbestos in our artex. Key message is DON'T PANIC.

    While in place, the Artex poses little threat but even when it's broken, the artex holds the fibres really well so the chances of release are very small.

    Artex tends to contain white (Crysotile) asbestos which has totally different fibres to blue or brown asbestos. They're actually flexible coils which makes them less likely to lodge in your lungs and because they're flexible can be broken down by the body.

    A lot of people consider that Artex has been wrongly classified in terms of the hazard that it poses.

    (bear in mind that the above is based on my digging around for info. It's what I'm going on, but draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions)

    What I've done with mine is to leave it in place and just skim it out.
  5. billybo'

    billybo' New Member

    P.S. removal is very very expensive.

    Our surveyor said that for a ceiling, consider the cost of full replacement, then add at least a zero.

    Because all asbestos products are classified the same the contractor will need to fully seal the room and set up decontamination units which can, apparently, take longer than the job itself.

    In the case of artex, if someone recommends removal, I would think it would pay to get a second opinion.
  6. jonsey491

    jonsey491 New Member

    thanx for the info im actually just starting as a plasterer i dont have any artex in my house its for when i come across it on jobs i knock the best part of it off before i skim just wondered of the health risks thanx to all who replied
  7. bmbplastering

    bmbplastering New Member

    lung cancer due to asbestosis is a great risk (killed my dad ) however the amount of artex you will come across (every other day) and the proportion of artex that is post 1980 means that youll not be coming across too muvh asbestos. take out a good life policy and add it on to your costs cover up well with dust masks etc even when cleaning up and if it is a big job charge them to test it most artex removal companys will test for free to plastering trade as long as your perswasive enough and get a good relationship with them.
  8. rama

    rama New Member

    The board above my garage is asbestos insulation board. I have a friend who works in an asbestos lab so knows her stuff. I send a sample to her, and gave her the approx size of ceiling (30 sq m) and she gave me a quote from a legit firm for about £3000!!!!!!!! Crazy money, but then i wouldn't remove it day in day out. No point being rich and dead. However if you are using masks make sure that it has a P3 rating and not just a cr@ppy little dust mask.
  9. teabreak

    teabreak Active Member

    Hi, if it's just a one off job it may be worth trying the local council environmental health dept.
    I had a customer who had some suspect ceiling tiles.
    We rang a company to get an idea on prices they quoted about £100 to visit and £25 per sample.
    I suggested she ask the council to recommend a reputable contractor she rang them, and they did it for free!

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