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  1. Can anyone advise who they think are better between the 2 and pros cons for each. the reason why is that ive always used howdens or customer supplied stuff and now have an account with magnet. Howdens have site visited 3 premises for me this week and wondering if its worth getting magnet out to do the same. I know its always worth getting more than 1 price but not worth the disruption to the customer if there wont be much benefit. Will they beat each others prices, quality, service, reliability, etc. thanks.
  2. New Member

    The ad outside the trade outlet says "we will beat Howdens/benchmarx on price" and they will.
    I always end up using them because I think the product is batter and the price is cheaper.
  3. Stretch

    Stretch New Member

    I prefer fish as the product is usually "batter
  4. sdchippy

    sdchippy New Member

    I always use Magnet. They seem more professional and more interested in customer service. I find Howdens a bit slap dash. Bit to much like an old builders yards.
  5. redwill

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    Howdens are over priced, they where cheap many years ago. As you know the carcasses are not color cordinated, and offer a limited range plus 100cm. Customers expectations are currently a lot higher and they don't want decor end panels planting everywhere to hide the none match. From my experience your better finding a local company who can bespoke the kitchen and buy the doors. From my experience they are no more expensive and the customer is well made up, normally they come with antislam and soft close hinges which are quick release.
  6. oldsarum

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    interesting as Howdens will normally beat a written qoute for like for like so in theory you should get them for nothing.

    Anyway you hear plenty of complaints about magnet as well

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