New Boiler Fitted - How Much?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Legolas-woodelf, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. OK, I know this a 'how-long-is-a-piece-of-string' type question, but a guide would be useful.

    I rent out a flat which has a ten-year-old Ravenheat combi boiler in it. Over the past couple of years it's started playing up. I've had a few jobs done on it but the costs are starting to rack up. I'm therefore thinking of getting it replaced.

    I'm thinking a new Vaillant combi which will presumably need a new flu and the pipework re-jigged a bit to make it fit.

    What's the consensus from the Screwfix wise regarding the cost of a job like this? Do most plumbers treat these things as a two-man job? (The reason I ask is that since I installed the system originally I'd be happy to be the second man - wire-wooling joints ready to solder etc. etc. just to speed things along and save some cash).

    Any thoughts gratefully accepted.
  2. Cooper Dracon

    Cooper Dracon New Member

    Not interested matey, your obviously a tight moneygrabbing git, trying to get it cheap before you even start.
    Get a professional in and let him get on with it, you keep your nose out of the job while its being done.
  3. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    You're talking about a days work for one man, but that would only be with a chemical flush.
    £400 + boiler, pipe, fittings etc +vat
    Unless the gas supply needs to be upgraded, you're not talking about a lot of materials but, most will have a mark-up on materials also.
  4. kat21

    kat21 New Member

    no wonder we've got so many 5 day wonders if they can earn £125,000 a year........
  5. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    You certainly can earn that (GROSS) if you are prepared to work VERY hard and IF you are HIGHLY skilled.
  6. Drax

    Drax New Member

    *t after *t after totally useless *t never seem to be able to understand the difference between charges and earnings. Using the same method, try taking your *tish reasoning to Starbucks and ask them why they make £3 for every drink they sell. Then tell lad behind the counter he's not worth over £750K a year.
  7. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    kat21, a couple of years ago, good keen fit time-served young Plumbers in there 20 & 30 could easily earn £1,200/week on piece work. Our trade is all about being skilled & fast. When I started my apprenticeship in 1973, good site Plumbers were making £180/week, I got £9.............:(
  8. Thanks for the thoughts gents (except for Cooper). At least it gives me an idea of what to expect.
  9. tackleburger

    tackleburger New Member

    The last fit only I did cost they guy 600 ex vat but he had a vertical flue fit which needed flashed etc. cheaper than a replacement ridge terminal so he said.
  10. Itandje

    Itandje New Member

    Thatr's not a bad price ticklybugger, as long as you've got a head for heights. Whereabouts are you though?
  11. Kip

    Kip New Member

    Where are you legolas?

    Price depends on areas and what specifically you want.
  12. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    Where are you legolas?.............This time of year, I'd say helping Santa.
  13. Quite right Dick.
    Ever since that Santa raided my home woods and took my fellow elves off to slave labour in the toy mines, Christmas just hasn't been the same.

    I'm based in the south east near High Wycombe and the boiler would be for a two bed first floor flat with five rads. Not sure of BTU ratings and such like, but it's not a big flat.

    I've used a few plumbers in the last few years and the last one I used was the best of the bunch and seemed a good guy so I'd be broadly happy to trust his judgement. Though this close to Chrimbo we're probably looking at the new year to get this sorted. I was just sounding out the Screwfix oracle as a guide.

    Next question of course is which boiler. I've looked through some old threads here and there doesn't seem to be a clear winner. All I do know is that it won't be another Ravenheat!
  14. tackleburger

    tackleburger New Member

    In Fife Scotland. It was a bungalow so easy really but it was too much in a day. So I nipped up one afternoon put the flue in and stuck some x400 in the system went back next day and swapped the boiler over. Old floor standing Worcester combi changed to wallmounted Vaillant he supplied all the gear I just supplied the flashing and some pipe. Say £550 for a full day + 3hours.
  15. tackleburger

    tackleburger New Member

    Stick a 28KW combi in Vaillant eco tech pro is my choice for landlords. PTS will sort out a boiler, flue and plug in time clock for £695 ex Vat. You just need a stat.
  16. Teuchter

    Teuchter New Member

    L-w, provided the mains water flow rate and pressure justifies it, I'd be inclined to go for a slightly larger boiler - 30kw - to provide a better hot water supply. The CH side won't be affected as the boiler will modulate down to suit.

    It'll make quite a difference to the general comfort and convenience of the tenants, won't cost any more to actually run, tho' it will probably cost - ooh, I dunno, £150ish? - more to buy.
  17. Thanks again for the thoughts gents.
    My plumber has also told me in the past he favours Vaillant boilers so it's reassuring to see them recommended here too.

    As for the 30kW version, my instinct was also to over spec the boiler a bit. I think the reason my tenant is having problems is that he drives it too hard and keeps the place like a furnace. If I still lived in the flat I'm sure I'd get another five years out of the old Ravenheat by nursing it a bit. But you can't really say that to a tenant can you.
  18. tackleburger

    tackleburger New Member

    No combi is going to struggle heating 5 rads mate even the 24KW jobs would do that will about 14KW in reserve. The full rating is used on hot water demand 28KW will deliver 11 litres a minute a 30 will give you 12 and will cost you 150ex vat or so more. Hence my reasoning for the 28KW ecotech pro.
  19. Teuchter

    Teuchter New Member

    Fair enough :)

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