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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by tennis, Sep 9, 2007.

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    I have an old trianco redfyre boiler model TRO 20/25.It was belching out black smoke so i called in a service engineer who after some time advised that he thought there was a crack in the brass fitting into which the nozzle screws & that i would need either a new boiler or a second hand burner (as parts were no longer available) for about £100-£180. I subjected it to a crack detection test which showed it was not cracked so i checked the chimmey to find very large deposites of soot within a soot box in the chimmey. I cleaned this out along with the boiler & swept the chimmey,replaced the nozle & burner, fired it up and no more thick black smoke but still some signs of smoke. Could this be because of soot residue that may be left in the chimmey? or could it be that not enough air is getting in? There is what appears to be an air vent adjuster on the front that goes from 1-8, its currently set on 5. Also on the black casting where the oil first enters from its flexible hose there are 3 bleed points? One on the side & one tall & one stubby one on the top, all of which suit allen keys. Can anyone advise what these are for & how they should be adjusted. NB having already sucessfuly fired the boiler up once it is now locking out but i assume this is due to an air lock so will continue to bleed. If anyone can be of help it would be appreciated
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    The combustion process of an oil boiler is governed by the mixture of oil and air. This mixture balance can be affected by many factors; oil pressure, air damper position, blocked flues and worn nozzle are just some.
    It is unfortunate that your "engineer" was not up to diagnosis. Call in a reputable technician who will have the equipment to test your boiler, and the experience to use it.
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    Can any one give me details of an association or simular so that i may locate a suitably qualified technician. Location - Mid Sussex
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    tennis,you need to get a registered oftec 101 technician(type in oftec find technician with your postcode.. sorted) do not touch long stubby thing??? this is your oil pump pressure and bleed point!the air box the thing with numbers on, should only be altered whilst testing and servicing appliance to check flue gasses!!!dont play any more pay the right man with the right tools!!!!!!

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