Oven and grill trips the main fuse board

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by GilesT, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. GilesT

    GilesT New Member

    Hi all

    I'm looking for some ideas but communicated at a basic level as electrics isn't my strong point.

    The other night our built in oven had been on for 5 mins and tripped the whole house. I turned it off, reset the board and tried again. The clock etc was on and fine and when I turned on the grill or oven it then tripped again after about 30secs. Reset again and now does it as soon as you switch on the oven/grill. The clock can be on without tripping.

    Any ideas on how to resolve or what it could be? 

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Dale76uk

    Dale76uk Guest

    call a local electrician.
  3. smitht3

    smitht3 New Member

    Hi all,

    I've got the same problem (almost)...
    Moved intro a new house with a built in electric oven (NEFF T1213).

    Top grill/small oven works fine, its just when using the lower large oven things go wrong...
    When the oven light only is on, its fine and if left on still no issues. When move to a temperature the fan starts up and the element starts to glow.
    After a few mins it trips the mains (RCD thing i think).

    I've checked the element, fan motor etc and all looks ok, no visible melting or damage and as i say it all looks almost brand new (ish).

    All advice welcome, thanks!
  4. Therhino51

    Therhino51 New Member

    Is this circuit on a rcd? Or is the main isolator on a rcd?
  5. smitht3

    smitht3 New Member

    Hope this answers your question if not directly, learning as best i can so apologies if getting the lingo terribly wrong!

    The oven has a local switch (those ones with a red light and a plug beside each other under the sink next to the oven.
    When the fuse goes it only trips one part, thats an RCD (63amp).
  6. smitht3

    smitht3 New Member


    Thanks for your help everyone.

    Got a cheap replacement element and its working fine!
    Feel sorry for the bloke in before me, he must have never used it since install...
  7. Lokkars Daisy

    Lokkars Daisy New Member

    And when I see the seven it reminds me of the seven careful virgins who trimmed their wicks ans so they went to th,,,,,,, Oh sorry ,,,wrong thread
  8. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Simplest answer , would have been "Stop using the oven/grill and treat er'indoors to a healthy Kebab/Chinese/Indian/Thai/Steak.. Or take her out for dinner every night.
  9. Lokkars Daisy

    Lokkars Daisy New Member

    GREAT Tips JJ , that's wanna I'm gonna do , and my ovens OK
  10. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Works for me , everytime Lokks.
  11. snailer2

    snailer2 New Member

    I've just moved my oven circuit off the RCD as it kept tripping it - but now it trips the rcd when I turn the oven on
    even when the CB is not on the rcd in the CU!

    How can that be?

    I've had 3 new elements for this in last 4 years - any ideas what could be going on - Takeaways getting abit pricey!!
  12. snailer2

    snailer2 New Member

    Just figured that it's nothing to do with the oven, but any load on that circuit (via the 13A socket on the Oven switch) trips the rcd
    even when the oven circuit breaker is not on the rcd protected strip.

    Any ideas?
  13. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    Yes Snail - ramp test the RCD or at least check mA dump to rule out the possibilty of a stuffed RCD 
  14. seneca

    seneca Screwfix Select

    Sounds like a N-E fault.
  15. snailer2

    snailer2 New Member

    I had omitted to move the neutral across to the other bank - working ok now.

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