Painting a baptistry.

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by chippie244, May 8, 2009.

  1. chippie244

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    As part of an ongoing refurb of a local Baptist chapel we've been asked to repaint the baptistry which is like a small concrete swimming pool, 4'deep, 5'long and 3'wide.
    It had previously been painted with a rubberised pool paint and they specced which paint to use.
    Yesterday it was rubbed down and the first coat applied but when I went back today all the paint on the sides, but not the base or top, had crinkled up.
    I phoned up the paint supplier and they said it must be damp but the baptistry hasn't had water in it for 2 years however I was then told no damp proof membrane was used when it was cast and half of it is underground.
    If I had known this I would have used Acrylic pool paint but how do I proceed now? I've got 2/3s of a tin of the expensive rubberised paint and I will be out of pocket if I now have to buy a tin of acrylic.
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    What you described as "crinkled up" sounds like it be could be what is known as rivelling (sometimes called shrivelling or wrinkling). This happens when paint is applied far too liberally and, usually, unevenly. A skin forms on the surface and so stops the paint underneath it from drying. The skin which continues to dry, contracts on top of the soft paint beneath, and so rivelling occurs. The fact that the base is unaffected but the sides are makes the idea of damp rather doubtful.

    I would suggest that you take a 2" or 3" stripping knife and test to see if you are able to clean off the affected paintwork. If so, then get busy and remove it all, then clean it off, as you go, with an appropriate solvent and rags (**** job). Now let the remaining paint harden for several days before flatting down and recoating in the correct and skillful manner (spread out evenly).
  3. Hmm, I've got that problem as well! the crinkling, wrinkling shrivelling, , mine's caused by drinking.
  4. chippie244

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    I had a couple of heaters in all yesterday and then sanded down and repainted, taking care not to apply too much, and left the heaters on overnight. All seemed ok this morning so applied another coat. I'll find out tonight if this has worked.
    Thanks for your help.
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    What you need to do Ponty with this olympic size pool is fill it with water. Then get into the pool.Then pull a few electric heaters into the pool with you whilst they are still turned on. That will do us all a favour

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    IWS, do you live in a parallel universe where * is believed, lies, if repeated often enough, become truth and bookies pay out on loosing bets?
    Now do us all a favour and stick to Sport Talk where you can talk to yourself as much as you want.

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    It seems you did not observe the instruction to pull the heaters into the pool with you Ponty :(

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    IWS, you may be a thieving,lying fantasist with multiple user names but I am not

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    nice one chippie ...looks like ponty boy a bit lost for an answer
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    He'll come up with something but it will be his usual *. You've got to feel sorry for him really. Loz may be a childish tosser but at least he doesn't try to fool himself or pretend to be what he isn't, unlike IWS.

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    Second coat dried ok so panic over.
    Loz has come back as a ponty, what a meeting of minds that is
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    Nice pictures, who did he get them from?

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    Hi Ponty ChipOnThe Shoulder24/7 :^O
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    As I predicted IWS produces *

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  20. chippie244

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    The client was very happy and now wants me to build them a new cover as the old one had woodworm.
    They are having an open day on 13th June so you could see the baptistry and also the sash windows that I restored, draft proofed and fitted with Cambridge fasteners.

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