Self adhesive underlay- solid wood floor

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by wire-man, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. wire-man

    wire-man New Member

    Going to lay a solid wood floor on a concrete base, been advised by the supplier to use self adhesive underlay, any difference or preference between the ones i can get hold of : elastilon(expensive), screwfix own, floormaster(B&Q), and Envoy multi.
    Also the width of the room is just over 3 metres, the underlay comes a metre wide, do i put the narrow strip of underlay, that i will have to cut, to the edge of the room or to the centre.
  2. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    sf stuff is fine, i would cut your first row down a bit and balance it out, bit more waste but a very thin strip will not do anything.
    Also lay underlay @ right angles to floor.
  3. wire-man

    wire-man New Member

    Thanks for the rapid answer, one more thing, do you use tension straps when laying a floor on this underlay ? does it make the job easier or better quality finish ?
  4. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    No, you need to have an extra flap of the overlay paper folded back, then position the wood and press it down, then start to peel back the paper so now the wood is in contact with the underlay.
    This is why you lay at right angles to the flooring so you just peel back 1m at a time.
    This will show better than i can explain
  5. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    interesting and informative video, but couldn't follow the bit where he says "experienced floorlayers will save the overlay paper and re-use it" or words to that effect.

    why (and how) would a floorlayer re-use the overlay paper ?
  6. supachip

    supachip New Member

    The best flooring underlay i have used came from tops tiles . About 6 mm thick with a real good quality built in dpc . They even had rolls to wrap up the walls to full protect outer edge > It was very easy to trim neatly around rooms ect and being paded helped the old kneecaps .

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