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  1. xray19
    xray19 screwfix.peter
    hello peter any news on gas monkeys account
  2. bill007
    bill007 barbaricduck
    Sound advice, we have a detached house, neverless I do not want to put myself or anyone else in danger.. let see.. the 3 quotes I got were £40, £120 & £185.. clearly the cheaper one is attractive, but am worried about the huge price difference
  3. Amo67
    Amo67 sparky Si-Fi
    Hi just joined this forum I saw a post that you put on here a couple of years ago in 2017, what is the name of the product you used to cover a over sized hole in the ceiling fora led light? I need some of these but don’t know what they are called. Can you please advice as to what they called and where to buy them from.
  4. gas monkey
    gas monkey screwfix.peter
    Hello Peter I have been accused of being a trol by chippie and followed around the forums by him being harassed can you have a word please I find it not helpful and insulting
  5. Wendy Ivers
    Wendy Ivers sparky Si-Fi
    Hey, i would really appreciate if you checked out my post and advisef me.

  6. Deleted member 173905
    Deleted member 173905 screwfix.peter
    Please can you delete my account? Thanks
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  7. Urban Bumpkin
  8. uncle sam
    uncle sam acm718
    Hi there, ive seen ur post about vapour barriers being installed below pir insulation from 2006, just wondering if you ended up installing the vb? I want to go belts and braces but its impossible to get the vb 100% watertight so im wondering if i could end up trapping warm moist air between the membrane and the pir. Thanks
  9. mcooper2406
    mcooper2406 Coloumb
    Afternoon bud,

    I've taken on board what you said the other day and actually considered getting those quals you mentioned. Not for this job but just for the future.

    Can you do them without working for an electrical contractor or are they aprentiship type qualifications?

    looking at installing a suspended ceiling in my conservatory, it is about 16 Sq meters. What would the cost .
  11. Chris.7654
    Chris.7654 gormac
  12. Laura powell
    Laura powell Kryptonite
    Hey, hoping you can help. I’ve seen that you’ve used black bitumen paint in the past and I was wondering if you might be able to help? I don’t want to make any more of a mess?

    Many Thanks
  13. pozzydrive
    Cracked close coupled cistern, now obsolete Id Stand Palazzo range, can I replace it with another cistern of similar or bigger dimensions.
  14. Leon Miller
    Leon Miller
    On the build
  15. layman
    Looking for an answer pleaser
  16. Stuart Fordham
    Stuart Fordham jonah.
    Hi Jonah I just came across your post about using CLS the other way for a stud wall in your house, I'm trying to build a very thin stud wall and am wondering how your wall faired? Did it bow?
  17. Need a bigger hammer
    Need a bigger hammer screwfix.peter
    Please, if possible, could you shorten my username to "Hammer." Many thanks.
  18. Alwaysworking
  19. Daz240
    Daz240 screwfix.peter
    Can you please change my name to DIYdaz
  20. JamesN
    JamesN fronnie_5
    Hi did the intermittent issue get resolved on the legen fire no gas? Cheers
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