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  1. The Teach
    The Teach
    diy has its legal limitations.
  2. chippie244
  3. PV83
    PV83 screwfix.peter
    Hi Peter can i change my username to PV83 please? Or so something close to that?
  4. Rod Gorge
    Rod Gorge screwfix.peter
    Hi Peter, apparently you are the only person who can delete my account. That must be true because I've tried everything else with no result. And any idea why there is no account deletion option anywhere? Seems an odd approach from a reputable company. Thank you.
  5. The Teach
    The Teach
    Seasons greetings to all,where has 2017 gone !
  6. The Teach
  7. JP.
    JP. Lokkars Daisy
    Hi about m8?
  8. chokwol
    chokwol screwfix.peter
    I'd like to have a trade card I spend thousands with screwfix every year but I work in an office so im not a trader as such why am I being refused a trade card .. because I can't out down a registered company
  9. dominica0104
    Currently wiring 10 flat retirement home and pub conversion to 5 student flats with landlord services. Do the flats fall into "commercial"
  10. dominica0104
    Looking for a bit of advise on certificates to use.
  11. MrPea
    MrPea screwfix.peter
    Hi Peter Can I change my user name to MrPea thanks
  12. wartonwoodworks
    Warton Woodworks - DIY Advice
  13. Kelly400
    Kelly400 screwfix.kate
    Hi Kate I'm new to forums and put up a question looking for help last night but don't know if it went to the right place can u check I placed it where the lads can help me. Many thanks
  14. sunny.sahdev
    Always remember keep your PulsaCoil header tank filled.... Unless its leaking. That tip fixes majority of Pulsacoil water heaters.
  15. PC Works
    PC Works screwfix.peter
    Hi Peter is it possible for me to change my username to PC Works
  16. surfersue
    surfersue screwfix.peter
    How do i get rid of my email address as user name please
  17. Paul O
    Paul O 14th edition
    Just sockets and lights, even gone as far as changing every single socket in the house (Built 1995) and still no joy

    Ps, would an electrician come out to test 'everything'? Sorry, but am new here and apologise in advance for being naive, but am not a tradesmen.. Thanks
  18. Phil the Paver
    Phil the Paver screwfix.peter
    Hi Peter, when I'm logged on the site is very slow in doing anything, its taking upwards of 2 minutes to post a reply to threads and even sending this has taken 3 or 4 minutes, every other web site I visits is working perfectly so assume its on here, ???
  19. richhand
    richhand screwfix.peter
    Hello Peter, is it possible to change my profile name to richhand all one word?
  20. Shelli Stone
    Shelli Stone screwfix.peter
    Hi Peter, would you be so kind as to delete my account please? Many Thanks