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Jul 4, 2004
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Mr. Handyandy

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    1. andy1
      Can I cut in a cold water supply valve anywhere on mains as already have one for washing machine need one for dishwasher
    2. romangreek
      what a scary photo
    3. Naz man
      Naz man
      Hi, I was handyman myself but now looking to do my mother in laws in built cupboard,but do to it my condition of health as worsen during the months. I won't be able to finished the other side of the In built cupboard I have prepared the work to carry out just need someone who can do the job I'm looking for someone good,local know what they doing so can u please help me out here. My in laws are from handsworth ,B21
    4. chris nast
      chris nast
      hi if i lay wood joists on top of concrete beams is it better to use a dpm or moisture barrier,chris
      1. Mr. Handyandy
        Mr. Handyandy
        Please post to the forum
        Aug 22, 2016
    5. chantelle frisby
      chantelle frisby
      hi i was wondering if you could help me i have bought a door and it is 20mm to big i was wondering if there was anything i could do to get it to fit. its a pvcu front door. thank you in advance.
    6. Gwil
      Sorry, Mr.Handyandy, my request is below. I am wondering if I should take out the whole window frame and clean everything up and refit. Which vertical dpc should I use and what would teh best sealant be.Thanks
    7. Gwil
      Hi Mr.Handyman,
      I have a problem with rain coming in at the side of a upvc window. I have taken out the old silicon a few days ago and resealed it but there is still water coming through.The wall is a South-West facing wall and gets all the rain and wind full on.
    8. honkytonk
      Hi does anyone know how to wire a two wire digital room stat to a compy boiler if so could you get in touch
    9. and1
      hi.I got rid of the artex which was all over the ceiling and some wall. it came off with the render.Now I have a 40cm of bare brick. Rest of the wall is still rendered and quite sound but emulsion painted.I want to straighten the wall as it it all wavy..Shall i render the strip first and then use bonindig coat ?Can I use bonding coat on emulsion painted wall ?should I pva it? thanks
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