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    Saw a shorter version of this earlier, didn't know it was for such a small amount.
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    :D Magic.

    Over the years i have only threatened customers twice. On both occasions when they didn't want to pay or said they would pay "latter" i said the same thing. "i bet you twice the fitting price that even though it's taken a week to fit, i can rip the whole lot out in under 2 hours" The first time it happened the customer paid there and then (obviously was more intelligent than the second customer). The second customer asked "why twice the fitting price ?". My answer "the price for fitting it in the first place and the same price again for re-fitting it" They called my bluff..............not a good thing to do at 2pm on a Friday.................we were away by about 3.30pm and their nice new kitchen was all over the back garden.
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    Did a re-roof with a mate many years ago. Lovely blue coloured glazed pantiles (from Italy I believe) When we started the job, the plumber walked off as he hadn't been paid for 3 weeks. A week later and the plasterer walked off the job telling us a similar story. Alarm bells were ringing. Anyway we decided to call his bluff. Once the roof tiles were all on and the job practically finished ,we rang the chap about payment. "I'll be up there on Friday at one o clock with yer money mates." We got there about half twelve and got up the scaffold. Just gone one the chap turns up and I went down to get the payment. Chap apologises saying there's been a mix up at the bank and he can't get the money till Monday.
    I shouted up to my mate. He shouts back, "These tiles come off a hell of a lot faster than they went on. If we're not paid within the next half hour, the whole lots coming off on to the ground." He then lifted one tile out and threw it off the scaffold, smashing it on the ground.
    Chap tells us, he'll call the police. My mate shouts that by the time the police get here all of the tiles will be off and smashed, takes another tile out and throws that to the ground. Chappie says he'll go to the bank now and get our payment. We ask how long it would take, he says about an hour. My mate tells him "If you're not back here within half an hour, we'll take the tiles off." Chap disappears in his car. Comes back twenty minutes later with our payment (in lovely cash too) Left him with a couple of spare tiles on the scaffold, got in our van and left. Telling him not to ever try to rip off honest tradesmen.
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    My style.:cool:
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    Too late to edit the earlier post, but we had fitted a "shurestop"..................so of course we turned the water off on the path and removed the shurestop as well :D No point in leaving it if we wearn't going to be paid for it :D............................................professional non payers can kiss my hairy one as far as i'm concerned.
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    evil! :p :D
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    Sometimes though chip, you just know even when you start a job that something isn't right. We knew full well on the Monday we started it this was one of those. As i recall we were discussing between ourselves the likelihood of actually being paid during Tuesday lunchtime......................the customer was that bad that my fitting partner was all for walking off the job there and then..................in hindesite that is exactly what we should of done and not a mistake i will ever make again.
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    m8, not arguing at all!

    Personally have been in a almost a scrap with some chav brothers once over the money, as I am way of more mellow appearance- peeps ("jack, the lad" types), misread it for one to take advantage off...

    Else- touch the wood- have been fairly lucky with payments... thinking and remembering some little bit of a hustle with odd customer, that was trying to get a discount on a finished job "nit-picking", as with advise of his "friend"- the builder... long story, but having answered in to "complaint" in most polite manner- had remainder paid couple of weeks late...

    as it goes to the lad in the video- respects! I know, he'll have issues, but I believe it is perfect lesson to many other "clever" one's (Y)
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    It's what I call your 6th sense,as you get older, it get more attuned.

    Only been been caught out twice.
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    Those 2 instances i posted are the only 2 in my working life..................so not a bad result really lol.

    Yes, the lad in the video will get everything slung at him. If he is just a "lad" though.............being owed £600 is a hell of a lot of money when he probably wasn't being paid much above minimum wage in the first place. Looking back to my youth, i would have been very tempted and may even have done the same thing myself. Minimum wage ? owed £600 ?.....................shurely that's like not being paid for a month ?

    To most of us pro's on here that's half a weeks income......................to him it could well be a whole months income.
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    I'd say he is a ground worker and they don't slave for a minimum wages, they are paid similar rates to chippies, so, I'd say it has been argument over his week wage (+20% CIS)... and clearly, some of those trying to stop him- the one's that are responsible for not paying. I, personally, simply would have stayed out of it in this sort of an "happening"
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    But,,, would have got yer phone out to video proceedings ;);)
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    would love to see if there's more of those vids - stereo vision :p
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    Article says a source told the Sun I doubt anyone in Liverpool would talk to the Sun fair play to the lad I hope the contractor gets the bill for the repairs
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    really want it to be having fair outcome ;)
    when, I clocked it, it was barely 1k comments....


    Tully justices gone viral :)


    (video from inside)

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    They've got a pic of the driver.



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