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    2B627920-3095-46AB-92BE-18C5BE4D7BBE.jpeg Hi all

    Mate of mine recently had a new kitchen sink fitted and some pipework/drainage alterations. Work was carried out by a handyman type person

    My mate provided the sink and B&Q bag of fittings (pack A)

    I’ve used these fittings before and realise that you get a whole jumble of fittings, some you use and some you don’t - just depends on waste run. Unused bits were left under the sink

    It’s just that the U bend in the bag hasn’t been used and just a 90 degree fitting screwed directly to sink waste

    Work looks neat, solvent weld waste used, no leaks and pleasant chap, according to my mate - just I thought the U bend provides a water trap to prevent smells coming up through sink and also a ‘sump’ for debris to collect in

    Waste pipe exits outside wall and sits a few inches above drain grid, also pipes for washing machine and gutter downpipe are here

    Is this ok or not - I’m thinking not but ...... see photo...... thanks
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    Ideally should still have a proper trap, bottle, running or P type.
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    It's probably going to function OK... but a U bend will also stop draughts from entering the kitchen via the sink...
    I'm not sure what the regulations are, but I don't think I'd be happy with that.


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    Thanks guys for all the input, just confirmed my thoughts that the U bend should have been used, or an alternative trap used (as suggested)

    Pipes are 40mm, pretty standard kitchen waste set up

    I can only guess that as most of the waste pipe is what was there with the previous sink, the new sink and supplied U bend didn’t line up but that 90 bend did so - took the short route the cheeky monkey

    Thanks again
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    You just beat me too it...nige....
    Had one on a sink and always removing it to clean it due to smelly debis buidup.
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