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  1. I always knew that Starmer was a quality act.

    A couple of truisms:

    1) The gov is withholding this information only because they don't want the British population to see it - it has now't to do with their negotiations. I mean, do you honestly think there'll be anything in the documents that the EU haven't already worked out for themselves?!

    2) No matter what this document says, it'll have zero effect on the reasoning of u-s on here - because, for them, this issue was never about what's best for the country.
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    Yeah but , at least we can have bent bananas and cucumbers once we've left.. Get over it DA, get over it.
  3. I'd normally assume that a Brexiteer was joking there, but just in case your humour is as weak as you comprehension of the issues, would you care to point to the EU legislation that governs the shape of our fav fruit 'n' veg's?

    On the 'get over it' matter, I hope you are planning a blinder of a lost weekend when what you want just ain't gonna happen.

    It ain't, you know.
  4. fillyboy

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    It was a regulation that was introduced, and then parts of it repealed, after having pointed out to them, that they were indeed complete and utter ******g nutters.

  5. fillyboy

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    For the avoidance of doubt:

    This regulation requires that bananas of the highest quality classification not have "abnormal curvature",[5] something that led to various stories about an EU ban on either curved[6] or excessively curved[7][8] bananas. This has been frequently repeated by pro-Europeans and Euro-sceptics alike; the former tending to regard it as an apocryphal or misleading Euromyth[6][8] and the latter regarding it as an example of needless European bureaucracy.[7][9]

    On 29 July 2008, the European Commission held a preliminary vote concerning the repeal of certain regulations related to the quality of specific fruit and vegetables that included provisions related to size and shape. According to the Commission's press release, "In this era of high prices and growing demand, it makes no sense to throw these products away or destroy them." The Agriculture Commissioner stated, "This is a concrete example of our drive to cut red tape and I will continue to push until it goes through. [...] It shouldn't be the EU's job to regulate these things. It is far better to leave it to market operators."[10] Regulation 1221/2008 took effect as of 1 July 2009. Though neither the press release cited above nor Regulation 1221/2008 made any mention of bananas or Regulation 2257/94, some reports of the changes treated them as including the banana quality standards regulation and contained explicit or apparent references to this regulation, using expressions such as "the infamous 'straight banana' ruling".[11][12] Some sources have claimed this to be an admission that the original regulations did indeed ban "bent bananas",[13][14] or that it was accepted that it was "a farce".[15]
  6. fillyboy

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    As JJ said, it's a farce mate, we're out, get over it.

  7. Have you taken time to look at uk supermarkets policy on misshapen fruit and veg??

    Its not an EU rule. But it does mean a big rejection of food.

    But its ok cos its the uk choice ?
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  8. joinerjohn1

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    Which part of "EU Commission Regulation" are you failing to understand Jack? Tell us so we can point out the errors of your ways (or do you think "regulations" are different to "rules" ) ?
  9. fillyboy

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    Call me old fashioned but I would describe a straight banana as misshapen.
    What's your preference Jack, bent or straight?
  10. joinerjohn1

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    I reckon Jack prefers EU regulated fruit in his bowl. :D :D :D :D :D
  11. Indeed, Filly: "The regulation applies to unripened green bananas, and thus to growers and wholesalers rather than retailers.[3] The main provisions of the regulation were that bananas sold as unripened, green bananas should be green and unripened, firm and intact, fit for human consumption, not "affected by rotting", clean, free of pests and damage from pests, free from deformation or abnormal curvature, free from bruising, free of any foreign smell or taste.[1] The minimum size (with tolerances and exceptions) is a length of 14 cm and a thickness (grade) of 2.7 cm. It specifies minimum standards for specific quality classifications of bananas (Extra, Class I, Class II).[1] Only Extra class bananas have to comply fully with the shape specifications. Class II bananas, for instance are permitted to have "defects of shape"; Class I bananas are permitted only "slight defects of shape".[1][4] This is not true, however, of the size specifications; sale of bananas below the minimum size is almost always prohibited (with exceptions only for bananas from a few regions where bananas are traditionally smaller).[1]"

    Now tell me what part of that is actually unreasonable? The classification of standards for fruit and veg. So that we are all clear about what 'class 1' etc represents?

    I'm so glad you brought up this example, as it further demonstrates the level of thought behind your 'decision'; "'Grants OUT! Bent bananas IN..."

    This will stand alongside Mr Ha's peanut labelling.
  12. No comment.

    It is, indeed, a farce, mate.
  13. I love the attempted support of the UK supermarket policy (that wastes incredible amounts of food) and the attempted ridicule of the EU of classifications.
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  14. It is as pitiful as it is facile.
  15. fillyboy

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    The part that refers to 'curvature', which is why that particular regulation was repealed and replaced with a less 'silly' regulation.
  16. fillyboy

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    Jack, I think you'll find even the EU agreed that regulation was a little ridiculous.

    The regulation took effect on 1 January 1995. It applied directly, in its entirety, in all member states of the European Union.[1] It was repealed by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1333/2011 of 19 December 2011 laying down marketing standards for bananas, rules on the verification of compliance with those marketing standards and requirements for notifications in the banana sector with effect as of 9 January 2012
  17. Oh Filly! Are you still peddling this line?! :D

    Tell us NOW that weird shaped bananas are banned from sale or import or anything else in the UK due to EU regs! Go on!

    What that directive does do is classify bananas in orders representing quality - to be class 1 you need to be near perfect like me, class 2 is - you get the idea.

    Now, if you were a banana as opposed to just 'bananas', then you would certainly be banned. Because you are beyond classification.

    You complete and utter twit.

    Go and join Mr Ha in the corner - share the hat. Don't bend it...

    (Who peddled the banana line before? Your Johnson for one...)
  18. fillyboy

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    Weird shaped bananas are not banned NOW, however, as I've explained twice, and provided links to the relevant EU regulations, they were banned in 1995, after International ridicule, the EU eventually repealed that regulation and replaced it with a more sensible regulation.

    Who repealed the regulation?, your EU for one.
  19. Mr. Handyandy

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    What's mostly pathetic about that is the amount of time wasted, the amount of resources wasted, 1000's of pounds or Euros whatever wasted on something as simple as saying, "Good banana, bad banana."
    Typical Euro tripe. Total waste of time and ridiculous, so ridiculous I can't think of a good word ridiculous enough to describe it.
    After they spent months wasting their time and my patience on this, they then spent more money, time, resources wasting more time working out how to warn people that packets of peanuts may contain nuts!

    You couldn't make it up. They have been taking the urine, and twits like DA are just too stupid to... well, just too stupid!

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  20. longboat

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    I always thought two wrongs didn't make a right.
    I stand corrected.

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