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    I'd be surprised if it wasn't true IIR, snippets of propaganda on t'internet, fake news stories here and there, would it have influenced the outcome? No.
    Is it anything new? No., been happening since before the cold war.
    Are remainers desperately desperately searching for something, anything, that suggests the outcome of the referendum was undemocratic in some way, unfair in some way? YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS.

    You lost guys, get over it, Приветствия.

  2. Time will tell.
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    What will it tell though, that a Russian popped into every leave voters home and had a quiet word.

    Or are you saying there was some subliminal messages out there. :p:p:p

  4. Look at the news maybe?

    Time will tell what, if anything, happened.
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    Yeah I did wonder at the Leave canvasser who knocked on my door telling me to vote "Leave" When I told him I was, he replied "Dosvedanya comrade". Clinches it for me right there, the Russkies diddled the Remoan lot. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  6. You know what propaganda is, JJ? You should. You live on it.

    It's not a case of 'dark forces' manipulating the 'leavers', and making them think things that common sense & critical faculties should have filtered out. No, it's that subtle (and not so) propaganda feeds exactly what was already inside you and gives you the confirmation & justification that you wanted.

    By-passing any rational filter.

    "Get back our SOVEREIGNTY!" Hmm, we are a sovereign nation, and always have been as part of the EU. Every time you make a trade deal - where you agree terms & compromises on both sides (which is what a trade deal is...), you - in theory - lose 'some' of your 'sovereignty'. Ie, you have to adhere to these new terms; you are no longer in 'full' control. Which, of course, is perfectly normal, and is what you agreed.

    Ouch! We've lost our sovereignty!

    What's going to happen if we 'jump' and have to settle for WTO terms? Precisely - lose even more of a bit of 'sovereignty'.

    So that cry was completely hollow. Meaningless. Utterly.

    But, man, didn't the Brexiters love it!

    See what I mean? And that was one of the more facile claims made during the campaign. You have been fed a stream of complete nonsense by far-right manipulators for their own purposes, and you swallowed it whole.

    Longs is struggling to tell us what he knows of Banks and Bannon. Can you shed any light on them?

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