“Suitable door thickness” for door handles

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by bobo29, Feb 29, 2020.

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    Hi all

    I hope this is not too much of a stupid question..!

    Ive got some 35mm thick doors that are due to be installed shortly.

    Noticed many of the “lever on latch” handles on the Screwfix website state “suitable door thickness” of 44mm.

    Is this the maximum width of the door (ie. is this suitable for my 35mm doors)? As I can’t seem to find anything at Screwfix that isn’t 44mm!
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    Post a link up. They should be fine, worst case scenario you just cut the spindle bar down by half an inch or so.
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    It's not a stupid question at all.

    The handles will be fine and you have guessed correctly that it is more to do with max thickness - the length of the spindle to be more precise - if the door is too thick the spindle won't reach through to the other handle meaning it will fail to operate. There are solutions but that's for another day. If the spindle is too long it can be cut down.

    You might however have a slight problem with the fixing screws for the backplate meeting each other in the middle of thinner doors. It doesn't happen often and you can a) use slightly shorter screws (so long as they are meaty enough to fix the handle on securely) or b) very slightly offset one back plate from the other - there is usually enough slop between the handles, the spindle and latch to accommodate this without it being an issue at all. There is also an option to use bolt screws but I'd be surprised if you have any problems at all anyway.

    Good luck.
  4. bobo29

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    Thanks for the prompt replies folks

    This was the handle in question:
    as well as the normal handles for non-bathroom doors

    I had a feeling that was what was meant by 44mm, it’s just in one of the Q&As for handles made by the same company Screwfix explicitly stated that it would not fit any smaller doors, but on another one they said it is fine to cut to size.

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