1.5mm or 2.5mm swa

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    Hi all. Just brought some led garden lights. 3 sets. 6 lights per set on 3pin transformer plug. Image uploaded. I tend to run swa from shed cu into garden. Clipped to a wall in conduit. Can’t bury it. About 20m in total. But need to split about 5m from shed as it will run in 2 directions. I’m thinking 2.5mm swa on a 6amp mcb from shed. But been told 1.5mm will be fine. ? Just had yearly check on cu in house and shed and all good. Got 2 spare mcbs on shed cu but they are currently a 32 and 40amp. So one would need changing. Is 2.5mm swa better

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    1.5mm SWA will be more than adequate. (It is good for a max of 23A)
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    Would u suggest changing the spare 32amp mcb for a 6 amp

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