10 watt LED GU10 bulbs

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  1. circuitbender

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    Hi folks
    Please can anyone recommend a brand of 10 watt gu10 size led bulbs that I can fit in the kitchen. I already have 5watt leds fitted but I need more light, trouble is, the feedback on amazon for a lot of the 8 and 10 watt gu10 led bulbs is very negative in as much as they only last a few months. I will need a pack 10 and prefer COOL white,
    Non dimmable ( hopefully cheaper )
    Thanks in advance
  2. AnotherTopJob

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    How many lumen are you hoping for? The problem with the higher wattage bulbs is excessive heat, which is bad for LED longevity.

    I've got some 5w Poundland GU10s which have been fine for 3+ years, at around 450 lumen they are plenty bright enough and flicker free.
  3. Tilt

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    I've put a 10 watt R7s on the top of my wall cabinets (so one each side of the kitchen) to reflect the light off of the ceiling....... Works well.
    Both @ 5000K natural white. On a dull day they (one or two) make the kitchen look like it is filled with daylight, but just one is plenty bright when it is dark outside.

    Sometimes a 'Cool 6500K White' can be more like a moonlight (bluish tinge) colour and not best suited for indoors.

    10 watt is too much for GU10 size bulb IMO.
  4. MGW

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    I would agree 10 watt too much for GU10/MR16 bulbs, but forget watts, look at lumen. I got two Maxsure GU10 5 watt smart bulbs, and was surprised to see rated at 500 lumen, and even some cheap GU10 bulbs at 5 watt can be 540 lumen, but some 5 watt are down to 380 lumen.

    The MR16 lamp is designed to have a multifaceted reflector 16/8th of an inch across, it comes from the rating used for cathode ray tubes, but with LED often no reflector and the cooling fins mean not 2 inches across, so to use the light either you need around double the number at around 3 watt, or it needs to reflect off a white surface.

    Also ceiling hight matters, my son swapped a 65 watt fluorescent fitting which I had converted to a 24 watt LED tube to GU10, he used around 16 of them 98361719_10158572386853420_1054327038518755328_o.jpg and it looks good, but 28 watt where was 24 watt, and only really works as ceiling so high in fact high enough for that bike not to get in the way, it would not work with a low ceiling.

    I do question light output of LED lights, my living room had one 100 watt bulb, when going to LED went for 8 x 6 watt bulbs, seems around same light level, so seems need around 1/2 the power of tungsten, not 1/5 which the internet seems to claim.

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