10+ year warranty: they all same but some worth it?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by rk_diy, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. rk_diy

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    How those 10+ year warranties on boilers/combis differ from brand to brand?
    - Is there any small prints or catches which we have to be careful about it like "exceptions" and "conditions"
    - Are we tied up with certain premium service providers for annual check and maintenance? Or is there any offer which includes these as well?
    - Does "smart home" additions in the system like motorized zone valves/manifolts effects the warranty in anyway?
    What is your general experience and advice about the boiler warranties ?
  2. Heat

    Heat Screwfix Select

    Generally speaking the 10 year warranty conditions are - paperwork all in order, system flushed, inhibitor added (most require), magnetic filter (often boiler brand) and yearly serviced by gas engineer.
    Some of the warranties to be full 10 year need boiler manufacturer approved installers.
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  3. heatyman

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    And the warranty will only cover manufacturing faults. Fair wear and tear will come into the equation with components that may fail.
  4. Baxi Boy

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    They all insist on an annual service,so over 10 years that’s going to cost around £700+,which is a cost that can be reduced on a boiler that gets very little use,by less frequent servicing on a boiler out of guarantee.Many people have a service every 3 years or so,and then find nothing needing major attention.
    Obviously if a boiler uses only 3500kw/h a year it won’t need a service as frequently as one that uses 15,000kw/h a year,but manufacturers still insist on the annual service!
  5. rk_diy

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    Thanks for the figures but have few questions on that Annual Services:
    is the "Annual Service" same as the legally required "annual Safety Checks"? is this legal requirement applies only to the rented properties but not your own freehold one? (And also does it effect the insurance premium as well or even required for some insurers?)
    And is this required for warranty "annual Service" should be done by the manufacturers approved installers as well which might be more expensive than the independent gas safe guys?
  6. Baxi Boy

    Baxi Boy Active Member

    The service must be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer,either a local guy or the manufacturer’s engineer,but they charge much more generally,currently you should pay £50-£70,though it often takes only 30-45 mins,and yes it is compulsory only on rented properties paid for and arranged by the landlord.
    As for an annual service being necessary for house insurance cover I have never heard of that.
  7. Mike83

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    Annual service can be done by anyone.

    A safety check is a bit like a mot. Only the safety element are checked. Very basic.

    A full gas service is like a mot and car service.

    A full gas service will include cleaning the condensate trap and charging the expansion vessel.

    Decent servicing will minimise any breakdowns.
    A safety check only will inevitably lead to problems that require repairs to be carried out.
  8. Mike83

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  9. Itchy sponner

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    Some manufacturers offer a warranty, some a guarantee. A guarantee is alot better.

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