10mA fused-connector RCD ?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by lensman, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. lensman

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    I'd like to spur an external socket from an internal circuit. The internal circuit is protected by a 30mA RCD at the CU, so I'd like to put a 10mA RCD on the spur between the internal ciruit and the external socket. Any idea where to get such a thing, ideally in a form that would fit a 1g metal box?
  2. Pro-Spark

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  3. lensman

    lensman New Member

    Why do you want 10 mA, it wont discriminate with

    I did indeed want it to discriminate to avoid shutting down most of the house (hence why I asked about 10mA since the main CU is 30mA). What would discriminate?
  4. plugwash

    plugwash New Member

    you don't have much hope of achiveing discrimination with a 30ma non delay rcd upstream a 10ma might do it but then it might not and 10ma rcd spurs are hugely expensive i only found one source http://www.loblite.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_RCD_Spur9.html. at £82! and there is still no saying wheter it will discriminate

    i think the only reasonable soloution is to deal with this at the cu

    if you have a split load cu and a spare slot the most sensible option imo would be to run the outside socket directly from a 16A 30ma rcbo at the cu

    if you have a non split cu with 2 neutral bars and 3 slots spare you can probablly convert it to split load with a kit from the manufacturer then do as above

    failing that you have two options
    1: replace your cu with a split load
    2: split the tails and run a small rcd cu just for your outside socket

    rcds of any rateing other than 30ma seem to be both hard to get and expensive
  5. LSpark

    LSpark New Member

    i think you will find it will NOT discriminate, but try if u like lol
  6. lensman

    lensman New Member

    Thanks for the advice guys - especially saving me some wasted time and money setting up a 10mA connection. I've got plenty of spare ways in my CU, so I'll just put in another RCBO and run the socket cable directly from that.

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