10mm porcelain tiles outdoor?

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by the_bongoller, May 5, 2020.

  1. the_bongoller

    the_bongoller New Member

    Hi guys. I went to pick up some tiles for a small garden area (approx. 1.3m x 3m) and ended up with 10mm tiles that I plan to lay on a bed of concrete. I've since been told that I should only lay 20mm tiles outdoors. Any thoughts before I begin? Should I take them back?
  2. Anthony Anderson

    Anthony Anderson New Member

    I tiled my (7x4 metres) kitchen extension a couple of years ago with 500x500x9 mm porcelain tiles. I later decided to do my adjacent patio (4x3 metres) with the same tiles. I also wondered if they would be thick enough so I made sure I laid them on a stable and flat concrete slab. I've had no problems at all. It looks great and gives the extension to garden a nice flow.

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  3. the_bongoller

    the_bongoller New Member

    Looks great. Thanks for the note. It's always hard to tell with so many different opinions and expectations online. One site says 10mm is the most common thickness, another says 10mm is not advisable. I've got a stable and flat slab so will just get on with it, I think.

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