110v to 240v site transformer

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by tina lucinda lane, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Risteard

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    So does my Megger PAT450. It doesn't have an inbuilt transformer though! It needs to be supplied from an RLV CTE Tx to do load tests etc. on 110V equipment.
  2. CraigMcK

    CraigMcK Screwfix Select

    Yes I know there are a few that will run on either voltage and will just pass through for the load test. The Seaward one seems to do load tests based on any input / output combination, but it's not exactly cheap or light.
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    Given the amount of potential expense involved here you have to ask is it actually worth it? You shouldn't be wandering around site looking for things to test, if there is a requirement for equipment to be tested then there should be someone on site to check the tools are tested BEFORE they are allowed on site. Most places I have worked at either insist your gear is tested and if it isn't it doesn't come on site, or certain factories will tell yo to take it to the electricians shop and get it tested before they allow you to use it.
    Building sites are not there for ever, when the job is completed the people move on, either you need to live in an area where there are loads of sites or you are going to have to follow the work from place to place.
    Finally on the subject of generators, it isn't just as simple as banging a rod in, you need a good understanding of how a generator works, which I am sorry to say at the moment it would appear that you and several others on here do not. Personally if I were you I'd leave it alone until you have a better understanding and more experience, this isn't a criticism btw I just think it would help you in the long term if you learned to walk before you run.
    Quite often there are certain jobs that nobody wants to take up and most of the time there is good reason for this, If someone wants me to do a job then they provide me with what is reasonable for me to carry out the work. I do a lot of work at high level for a particular company and THEY provide the access equipment not me. I also do a lot of PAT testing for a big outfit, they give me a place in their workshop, and they bring the equipment to me in there, I do not walk around site looking for things to test, simple. I don't need any special kit or any messing about I just get on with it. If someone wants me to do something but they don't want to be reasonable about how it's done then I usually let them get someone else in. I'm not prepared to spend say £500 to buy equipment to do a one of job to earn £200, it doesn't make sense.
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  4. tina lucinda lane

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    fair point i was simply meaning on most locked sites some trades end of day comes tools get set down where they where used (as they are going to be used there again the next day) site is locked up (no 1 can just walk in) so as a tester it would be the least disruptive to do tests at the start or end of a work day to reduce tool down time thats all
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