110v Vacuum ("dust extractor") AKA Hoover to use on site

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by AlvyChippy, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    Wow, thanks guys!
    As for separator, ready made

    As for 110v hoover... Will need to have a better look at both Trend and Nilfisk, but seems for routing, I'll end up separating (2 tranies), else, most of my tools are up to 1500w...
    Supply (transformer), now also under consideration to get a big one.
    On site, supplied ones normally 32A with bigger plug , but having enough of same rated cables to get in to every single corner- big ask as well.
  2. ginger tuffs

    ginger tuffs Screwfix Select

    try fft tools vtul vtufm 110v 800w very good power for only £129. its a class m rated
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  3. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    "Thinking loudly" - don't shoot! :p
    £335 indeed bit too dear :( (as nice bit of kit, still)
    wouldn't it need the bigger than usual ******?

    Sparky £130
    or £99
    but none are auto power take off- pain TBH and very many reviewers are stressing reliability issues

    indeed tempted (£125 NilFisk "semi-pro")
    might even "splash out" £180, might

    at £110 VacMaster is tempting too (bit being noisy, unsure if it could be classed and will she tolerate being abused as trade tool)

    Trend T35AL are over £330
    T31 is in 240v only

    Like real German tools, but this one has no auto-take-off

    (something just to confuse myself further

    Over, what I intended to spend, but seems as "all boxes ticked" option, be it £240

    now the trannies... I know, I need either another one like
    (could somebody clarify, which set up, would this one would manage in realistic terms, could it be "only one"?)
    or... considering the costs of a Hoover and almost necessity for (new or additional ******), take the plunge and get her.. dunno!

    decisions, decisions, decisions... Nah!
    (further) Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions? :p
  4. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Screwfix Select

    The Flex looks virtually identical to the Nilfisk. Given what i was saying about the Milwaukee and KIAB about the Makita, you might imagine that it's a decent bit of kit if Flex, Milwaukee and Makita are happy to pass it off under their own brands. You might want to look here but you'll need to get a wiggle on. There are others at reasonable money as well and spares are readily available.
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  5. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    If I remember it correctly it is designed (made in China, assembled somewhere else) by the "same group" or trade tool makers ...???
    90% certain it'll be it! (+ vortex separation system) + extension hoses + adapters

    minus (undecided) issue of trannies...

    remaining 10% still swinging between

    £90 Sealey (no auto) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000ROB8FA

    £110 VacMaster WITH auto

    and £330... (perhaps need a break ;) )
  6. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

    I don't know about extractors in this case but I do know about some of the Chinese methods.

    You can get 4, 5 or even 10 near identical looking units all under different brand names and at differing prices levels. When a company visits the facility in China they will say "I want an XXXX tool and want to pay £yy for it". So, the manufacturers will choose a cheap, middle or expensive motor; then the case will be from different grades of plastic, metal used in fastening will change - stainless, chrome plated or mild steel, a few pence cut off here and there until teh price point is reached. Company B goes in and says " .... I want to pay twice as much" so a more expensive motor is used and so on ... You will have two products looking identical, but there can be a major difference in quality, efficiency, power, reliability &c.
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  7. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Screwfix Select

    That's a very good comment which i hadn't realised to that extent. I could see in the pictures that the switch for the Flex was different reinforcing your point. In this case, the cheaper tool, the Nilfisk, performs well and gets good reviews so i wouldn't have too many misgivings about using or recommending it. By coincidence when looking online for replacement filters for my Milwaukee battery vac last night, the filter for the Milwaukee extractor was jointly labelled as Nilfisk.
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  8. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Wait for Black Friday 24th November, might hoover up a bargain & save a few pennies.
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  9. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Screwfix Select

    Couple of things to bear in mind:-

    1) Filter size is important in addition to performance - a small filter will blind quickly - some units have filter shakers
    2) It's not just about power - you can get high suction with a tiny motor if you have a tiny hose. Particularly for wood you want a large diameter hose, and high air volume, but you don't need so much suction power.
    3) Don't go for anything less than M class filtration for construction sites. The HSE are tightening up and this is the minimum accepted standard
    4) Pro vacuum cleaners work hard, so quality is worth paying for - better plastics, better motors - be careful with the cheap chinese imports - the quality varies considerably.

    remember the old adage "buy cheap, buy twice".

    This is part of my day job, but I won't spam!
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  10. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Metabo ASR 35 M Class or festool would be my recommendation. Festool 3 years theft offer and the 3 year warranty is good but your looking at £450..
  11. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    pint on me! ;) :D

    Already bought the NilFisk 26-21 (late last night), should get it tomorrow, will start using Wed,'ish (had to) and feel obligated- will post back findings.

    Other bits (Vortex separator+ bucket and hose will get it once on site)

    If anything, could more electrically knowledgeable people advise me on power supply?
    I have 3KW rated tra4y, should I get different one?
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  12. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Virtually identical to my Makita VC2012L.:)
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  13. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    how do you power it (voltage, rating)?
    how powerful tools do you use, with "Auto- take off"?
  14. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    Had every intension to start using it (NilFisk 26-21), before ordering

    Either another (2'nd) trannee or to "upgrade" to biggen one and
    (still unsure as what will happen, if IE (rated 950w), but my 1200w chop saw would be plugged inn / all together my weenie old tranee hardly will cope with anyway...)

    Separation dust/chip system, but having Hoover delivered got me "hot under the collar"- I will end up clogging filters in no time!
    So, being a tight burgger, instead of ready made from RutLands or getting trully bad one as Triton, perhaps, should get the bits separately as:
    separator https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0722X16HF
    hose https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0166MH3PA/
    and bucket https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0093C7OB4

  15. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    We use 2 Festool Midi's for fitting kitchens along with 2 3KVA transformers. That's with them hooked up to a Bosch GTS10J and a Makita LS1216L.
    Depending on how you use the tools a 3KVA transformer is fine. I think some of you may be overthinking the power requirements a bit. The continuous Rating for our transformers is 1.6KVA, but it's safe to be pulling 3KVA for up to a 15min period in every hour. The LS1216L is used mainly for mouldings and plinth but it's actual usage time is a few seconds for every cut, there is no way even in heavy use it would actually be running for 15mins every hour. The same applies to GTS10J as well, ripping a tall panel might only take 10 or 20 seconds and then it might not be used for another half an hour.
    I would hazzard a guess that most site use would tend to be much the same, the extractor and saw will not be running continuously. Obviously a workshop may be different though.
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  16. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    bough a trannyy from eVilBay (£105 delivered)
    Thanks buddy!
    Last night bought, had new ****** delivered at work, "incidentally" took NilFisk in my van too ;)

    Indeed, I wish, I had a time to make better purchase :(

    abysmal in one word.
    Positives- it says, its made in Hungary, also it is relatively quite one, hope it'll last...

    negatives... not a bit more powerful (neither in volume or "strength"), than Henry, Axminister or tiny Festool one, supplied bag (for "m") is not reusable, hose is 35mm short already, rather cheap and hard compared to my home Hoover

    not going to start returning or anything as on Wed, I need one big time, but as it comes to further (next) purchase will go in to the tool shop and will demand demo, before buying ANY.
    perhaps, time permitting, will post more of the findings etc...
  17. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    I must admit i can't praise the Festool midi high enough, that's why we have 2 of them. They are not overly noisey but they defo have the ability to extract dust off of any saw including the Festool track saw we have. It's also the best extractor i have ever used on the sander we use for Acrylic worktops, sanding down in someone's house dosn't leave a white film everywhere. The cloth bags for the Festool are supposed to be throw away but we just empty it and put it back in :D. Only just replaced the original bag after 18 months of use.
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  18. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Screwfix Select

    They are supposed to be throw away because if you are vacuuming up hazardous dust, you don't want to be exposed to it when you empty the bag! - you are supposed to just seal the bag and.......throw it away! As kitfit says though, for general use it is possible to reuse some bags if you are careful :p
  19. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    "not kicking myself, not a bit"... :(
    dreading, what am I going to do, when will need to plane the doors or router anything significant (IE, cut panels or worktops)...
  20. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    re-use, don't use- that's me! ;) seems, I'll have NOT to use, just by design.
    but honestly substance and functionality... another one "on the rocks coming up"- heartache! :p

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