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    I have some 16A c-form cable. Some is 2.5 other is 1.5. Its in lengths of 5m, 10m, 20m and 30m.
    As this is not clipped direct and goes out on hire i guess i need to replace the 1.5 with 2.5 as its just not safe for that situation? Also what would be a suitable Earth Bond limit for a PAT test on the 2.5 cable? A calculator online says that it should be the following:

    5m 0.14
    10m 0.18
    20m 0.26
    30m 0.34
    Some of the 20m 2.5 cables are failing as they read at 0.28 is there any lee way on this? e.g can i increase the pass limit to 0.29 and still be safe?
    All the 1.5 cables i test with these settings fail.
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    What does ''Earth Bond Limit'' mean Mr X?
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    It's a bond that limits the earth :p
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    [​IMG] Any PAT testers out there?
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    Oh right cheers Mr C - never heard of that before tbqh
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    Talk amongst yourselfs for a bit ...Bye
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    I found there is a problem where items are moved. This must be the case where where items are hired as we have no idea if RCD protected or not. For caravan sites yes we know there should be a RCD but for 13A the easy way was a RCD plug.

    With reduced low voltage common for no RCD on the transformer output, in fact often no overload either, or at least with 16A often needs 50A to trip a 10A trip on the transformer input. So it is always good to open the plug when testing looking for burning.
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    @X254 see your other post.

    Kind regards

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