16amp Socket in Garage

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by kirkdx, Jan 21, 2021.

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    I am using the definition that my insurance company put in my insurance documents, because if I need to make a claim they will be paying it not the ONS, Wikipedia or the Covid regulations.

    In short, that is MY official definition.
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    The difference it makes is that as a household means a person or persons living at the same address who share cooking facilities and share a living room, sitting room or dining area, then a regulation which talks about sockets for household use it is talking about sockets for use by a person or persons living at the same address who share cooking facilities and share a living room, sitting room or dining area.

    The difference it makes is the reason that you keep on ignoring this:

    If you were to install sockets in your garage, or your shed, or your summer house, or on your garden wall, for whose use would they be if not your household?

    No - I keep on saying I am totally in agreement with you about what "household" means.

    I think it's the person who says that "household" means a person or persons and then in the next breath says it means a building who is trying to argue for the sake of it.
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    Arguing the semantics is pointless. Look at it this way, if you say a "household" has people in it and includes a garage, shed what ever then I don't think it's unreasonable to say a household would also include a kitchen, bathroom, front room etc. So what happens if you put a kitchen, rest room, toilet in a factory where there are commando sockets left right and center? There are people in the factory too, so it suddenly becomes a "household"? According to you, all those sockets are suddenly a reg breach.
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    Ah - if they put a definition what they mean when they say "household", that's fine.

    And it is open to the IET/BSI to define what they mean by "household", if they want - there's a section in the regs just for that.

    But I'm afraid that if they don't then the only definition which can be used is the normal/everyday/official one, not one which any individual happens to want, and not one which another organisation has crafted for its own legal/contractual purposes.
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    What seems to be pointless is trying to get you to read posts you have made.

    But I don't.

    I say the same as you - I say that a household is people. Just people. Only people.

    So you don't think that's unreasonable even though it isn't what the definition you posted says.


    "It"? The factory? No - as a factory is not a person or persons. You know - as in the definition you posted.

    Nor do the people there become a household because they don't live there.

    Anyway - judging by the length of time you've been a member here, I guess this isn't the first time you've done this sort of thing - say stuff that's clearly wrong then criticise others for arguing for the sake of it when they tell you you're wrong, so you must get away with it.

    What do you do? Get threads locked? Get people banned for daring to disagree with you?

    I'll leave you to it.
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    I think SF pete might disagree but we are all entitled to our opinions. And no comment on #120 I see. Plus there is no definition of household in 7671 so that's your interpretation of the reg.
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    I feel sorry for the op. He asked a straightforward question and wouldn't have expected 7 pages of all the carp that has gone on.
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    Nomenklatura is the same user as the Mediator. He won't be here long as he must have a history seeing as the Mediator has been removed.
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    Not gonna lie, as a DIY'er I've pretty much lost track of what all the regs mean / don't mean but I did chuckle at some of the replies :) But I got some answers at the start. Turns out the table saw isn't going to be back in stock anytime soon anyway. I've got an electrician looking at it that I've used for all the other electrical work in the house (he's busy and this isn't urgent so he hasn't come back with suggestions yet). As long as what he suggests is affordable I'll just go with what he recommends. Not sure what else I can do as he's the one with all the experience and knowledge who'll be certifying the work. I'm not gonna tell him how to do his job.

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