17th edition update course

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by sysparks, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. sysparks

    sysparks New Member

    Just taken the 3 day course and and passed it 98%! Course was really good, would recommend it (premier training). Well worth doing the 3 day course as you brush up on everthing really, old and new stuff.
  2. spark&half

    spark&half Active Member

    Sod doing the course, just sit the exam and be done with it. Thats what I done, couple of hours off work and bang all done.

  3. seemless

    seemless New Member

    Who insisted this course was compulsory to sit and who paid for it?
  4. sysparks

    sysparks New Member

    I paid £480 for it, was supposed to be compulsary according to the training centre websites. Maybe there is a way round it but still worth doing if you can afford to, to brush up on the regs.
  5. spark&half

    spark&half Active Member

    £120 for the exam and only a few hours of work sounds better to me...

    But each to their own.

  6. wally2

    wally2 New Member

    I presume your talking about the full 17th ed bs7671 (the whole book) & not the update, if so you beat me sysparks. Just did mine 2 weeks ago £395 4 days inc exam & I got 96%. As my previous qualification was for the 16th in 1993 it was well out of date & as far as I know it is a requirement, at least for the NIC.
  7. sysparks

    sysparks New Member

    Its the city and guilds 2382 wally. And yes it was the whole book so might not be the update like i said.

    There was only 2 of us doing course so we had a good trawl thru the regs back to front and inside out! Prob why i got a good score!!
  8. wally2

    wally2 New Member

    It would have been the 2382-10 like the one I did. there were 10 of us. Just got the proper certificate the other day The 1 day update I think is the 2382-20 At 64 some might think i was to old to do it, I certainly think I was the oldest in the class. I thought I better leave the zimmer frame at home though

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