1920s solid wall insulation advice please?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Plummeryarmouth, Oct 18, 2019.

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    We have solid walls, so can’t insulate a cavity. Haven’t got 40k for external cladding.

    I understand that we can use insulated plasterboard onto existing walls or rip out and all thick celotex.

    I was just wondering, seeing as it’s a huge carpentry job to change the skirting architrave etc. Is it possible to make holes in the tops on the plasterboard and inject polyurethane foam ourself? It’s the old slat type of plasterboard.
    would this be rubbish? Would the brick still breath? Would the old crappy slay plaster board buckle? Can we do it? THANKS ALL
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    There is no way external insulation should cost £40K. I'm sure you could get it done for £10K or less. The materials are only around £5K for a typical 3 bedroom semi, and the labour shouldn't be much more than another £5K.
    It's by far the most thermally efficient way of insulating, as you pretty much eliminate all thermal bridging, so don't get the usual condensation points inside that cause mould problems.
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