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    Hi all,

    We are renovating our 1930s semi which we've just moved into. We have a patch of damp on an adjoining wall to our coal shed. This is under our stairs. I've tried to attach photos showing the damp plus the coal shed wall this correlates to the other side. The damp isn't mould, but is tacky and damp plaster.

    On the coal shed wall side, it's flaking, there is residue, and I think its pretty humid in there. The hosepipe was taped by the previous owner. Its only 3 inches or so, dry and attached to a tap.

    Would a stormdry masonry cream be appropriate to apply on the coal shed wall? Or not?

    There's also a hole that goes through one brick, you can see it in the middle of the coal shed wall photo. This was stuffed with tissue! The tissue was dry.

    Would be keen to locate the source of damp rather than merely covering it up.

    I've thought a leak (the pipes visible in the coal shed are dry) but then considered penetrating damp or condensation.

    Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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