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  1. fillyboy

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    my mistake.

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  2. Sadly, it is.

    (Anyhoo, Filly - sorry for me mixing you up with Longs. Don't know how that happened...)
  3. Hope? No.

    Reality, yup.

    And it is a truly beautiful thing to witness.

    (Do try and spell his name correctly, Langz)
  4. longboat

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    That comes as no surprise.
    You must be in a awe of the man. The straight faced utterly disingenuous comments he makes in front of the entire house, and indeed the nation, surely make your own intellectually dishonest, and anonymous ramblings on this forum pale in comparison.
  5. Yes, I totally admire him.

    For being the exact opposite of what you say he is. He is utterly straight and honest. He is hopefully a future PM.

    How can you keep a straight face when you accept what Davis and Johnson say, and then claim that about Starmer?!

    My god, Longs - you are the limit.

    What a deluded festering mind you must have.

  6. longboat

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    You just can't help yourself, can you?
    He's great because he's not as bad as some others I can mention, so there!

    You obviously haven't witnessed the bare faced nonsense he spouted during his rebuttal of the 'EU Withdrawal Bill' then. Well maybe you did, but you sure as hell were ignorant as to what he was talking about, just like all the rest who believed his totally disingenuous speech.
  7. Keir Starmer is a very rare beast in politics. He's a bit like the late John Smith - he just tells the truth. He doesn't embellish. He doesn't distort.

    What's more, he is very bright, and is playing the most superb game. Superbly.

    Tell me, Longs - when Davis et al say things like the reason they are keeping 'that' report away from the Brexit committee is because it could mess up our negotiations, do you honestly believe them?

    When they say that the UK is doing 'all the compromising' and moving in these negotiations, do you really, truly, honestly, believe them?

    If so, then kryust.

    When they say these things, it's for one reason only - to keep their followers excited.

    Davis et al know it's bar locks, and so does the EU.

    It is done only for YOUR 'benefit' 'cos they need to keep YOU on side.

    Oh, Longs - how could you be so stupid?
  8. Isitreally

    Isitreally Super Member

    Pure speculation.

    The report might be so in our favour it would be stupid to release it and the EU compromising :p:p:p:p:p:p:p you are funny.
  9. fillyboy

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    Sir Keir Starmer boarded the outrage bus to the Today programme studios this morning to accuse David Davis of contempt for not releasing unredacted versions of the government’s Brexit impact assessments. Do Labour really think this would help Britain’s negotiating position? They should take a look at how the EU handles such sensitive information on its own side. This is from the European Commission’s “Transparency in EU trade negotiations” document – it makes clear the EU would never release information that could undermine its position during a negotiation.

    “A certain level of confidentiality is necessary to protect EU interests and to keep chances for a satisfactory outcome high. When entering into a game, no-one starts by revealing his entire strategy to his counterpart from the outset: this is also the case for the EU.”

    Sir Keir says he only wants DExEU to hand the assessments over to the Brexit select committee for them to decide what should be published, and therefore this would not undermine our negotiating position. Well given Hilary Benn’s committee (presumably Seema Malhotra) has leaked DD’s letter to the Mirror before they even discussed it or published it on their website, that doesn’t bode well for the security of information handed to the committee. The Remainers on the committee clearly can’t be trusted not to leak the unredacted documents. Handing them sensitive information would be mad…
  10. There there, IIR.

    You go to sleep, now. Keep telling yourself that.

    'Night 'night.
  11. Ah! Guido!

    Well done you.

    Do you know you can finds sites with everything on it on the interweb?

    Oops, sorry - of course you do.

    Look, Fills. Relax, man. You will look back on this whole horrible episode and thank your lucky Starmers. (Man, I'm on fire.)

    He's going to fix it all for us. You will have had a very lucky escape.
  12. longboat

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    If you honestly believe that then I think you are even more deluded than I thought.

    That has nothing whatsoever to do with the 'NVH', keir Starmer.
    Keep wriggling if you must, DA.
  13. Wriggle, ma botty.
  14. longboat

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    It doest matter which orifice you choose to discharge your spoutings from, they both smell the same.
  15. Isitreally

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    Why are you so adamant that is all doom and gloom, it a bloody good job most Brits were more like me than you in 39.
  16. joinerjohn1

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    Why , when I click on the link to the Guardian, do I get a notice asking me to donate to the Guardian to keep them going DA?? Yep as you say,, a truly respected , quality newspaper (out there with their begging bowl, like some tramp on any street in a major city)
  17. joinerjohn1

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    Bloody hell, DA thinks he's found an honest politician... (At least he says he's straight) Went to grammar school and is also knighted. Wow a true Labour chap , through and through. Yay let's hear it for the working man. :D :D :D :D :D :D (another champagne socialist by all accounts)
  18. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


    Still citing WW2 are we? And how you are now handing the UK and the EU right back in to the hands of the fascists.

    The utter contempt I have for your ignorance.
  19. How much did you give, JJ?
  20. I think you are just being cynical.

    That's not very helpful, JJ.

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