2.5-3mm height difference between tiles, easiest solution

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by macliam88, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. macliam88

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    I am putting a very narrow border tile (40mm strips off a white tile) around patterned tiles in an understairs wc floor. The border tile (as was the only one we could get) is about 2-3mm taller than the primary tile. I want to reduce the difference to more or less seamless.

    I was thinking the easiest solution is to be more generous with the tile adhesive on the pattern tiles in the middle
    And also be a bit more conservative with adhesive under the border tiles, or just use smaller trowel with border tiles.

    Is that the best way to go?

    the border tiles are only 40mm wide so will likely never in their lifetime bear weight as it would be almost impossible to stand on them
  2. Herbs

    Herbs Active Member

    You’ll be able to make it up with adhesive

    Like you say, your trowel can help you out. Generally, for smaller tiles and mosaics you use a trowel with smaller notches anyway, meaning the larger patterned tiles would get a thicker bed
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