2 combi boilers connected together for hot water

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Bandit12, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Bandit12

    Bandit12 New Member

    Got 2 combination boilers in my house, one for downstairs one for upstairs floors.

    Is it possible to connect the hot water outlets together so that both boilers provide the hot water to all floors simultaneously ??
    Reason I am asking is one of the boilers has gone **** up and it would be good as a back up for future problems.
    Do boilers have non return valves/would it cause a problem ?
    PS am a spark so be gentle if its a stupid question

  2. mully123

    mully123 New Member

    Ever so simple,if the boilers are not the same[Problem},if the flow switches operate different[problem],if the water flow is retricted more on one than the other,[problem]and on, and on, and on,?
  3. doing a bit

    doing a bit New Member

    you could put a pipe link in with a lever valve to allow it to be opened manually , you would need to shut off water into duff boiler to stop cold passing round
  4. simplesimon25

    simplesimon25 New Member

    hahahahahahahahaha pizzzin meself laughin here AND ON ON ON
  5. Bandit12

    Bandit12 New Member

    allow it to be opened manually

    Cheers for advice I have connected them together and turned the cold feed off under the duff boiler and its working fine hot water up and down off one boiler.

    Still don't understand why two boilers with a non return valve fitted on the hot water out could not supply hot water together

    Cos u just a sparky !!WAITING FOR IT!! But give a reason ??
  6. doing a bit

    doing a bit New Member

    the flow switches which bring on the boiler for hot water wouldnt neccesarily both work at the same time as the water pressure in the house will vary at different points so one might work while the other has in sufficient flow to operate
  7. Allhours

    Allhours New Member

    If the hot water draw off is balanced then would work, but this would be near impossible with 1 located upstairs and 1 down.
  8. Ryluer

    Ryluer Well-Known Member

  9. Bandit12

    Bandit12 New Member

    Thanks for that link Ruler
    Am going to take that a yes then but going to get my corgi mate to check it out for me !!
    Looks like plumbing forum and electrical forum are the same.
    Lots of different answers to the same question!


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