2 down lighters or 4 ?

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  1. Movieman334

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    Hi guys I wanted to ask you advice do you think I should go with two down lighters or 4

    If I went with 4 they would be weak but more for symmetry rather than because it need 4


    Do i go with 2 down the middle .

    Dimensions are

    Width of room 132cm length upto a curve in ceiling 120cm

    Any thoughts greeatful appreciated IMG-20210924-WA0004.jpg IMG-20210924-WA0003.jpg
  2. Roys

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    Go three
    Joking aside I put three in my bathroom which I imagine would be a similar size, and it is just right. Three straight down the middle.
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  3. MGW

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    Mothers wet room I planned on four, one was integral with the extractor, the extractor was swapped so ended up with three and they were fine.

    Down lighters depend on high ceilings and light colours to work, your ceiling do seem high enough and the tiling is very light so see no problems.
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  4. Comlec

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    You might want to tidy up the wiring when you finally fit the lamps.
    There should not be conductors showing outside the connection box.


    Good luck with your project
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