2 macerators into one soil stack??

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Cornish Crofter, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Cornish Crofter

    Cornish Crofter Active Member

    I'm fitting 2 macerators in fairly close proximity to each other. The make of both is Tecma Sanisplit combi 3. Either one will do a bathroom or kitchen without a problem.

    One is planned to do the downstairs cloakroom and utility (sink and washing machine) and the other will do the kitchen (sink and dishwasher).

    They will both be almost 8 feet directly underneath the entry point(s) into the soil stack. I was thinking of feeding them in with 40mm solvent welded waste pipe into a strap on boss (also fixed with solvent weld as well as that nut you get with them).

    Now, the pressure on these things is something that concerns me. Do I feed each one into the stack each with its own strap on boss, or can I use a swept tee to connect then together?


  2. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse New Member

    If I was doing that job I would run the wastes in seperately, thinking of the maintenance point of view it would be a better job. Also the pressure angle. If one packed up they may still be able to use the other one.
  3. londonplumber

    londonplumber New Member

    have to agree run them sep. so you know the pressure issue is fine. Better not to have to do it all over again.
  4. Cornish Crofter

    Cornish Crofter Active Member

    OK that's what I thought.

    I had the BCO around to day to inspect the concrete floor and I asked him as well.

    He suggested that run them into the stack separately, entering opposite eath other and one 6" above the other.


  5. jeffev

    jeffev Member

    it is ok to connect 2 macerators to a stack but you must also have a standard toilet fitted
  6. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse New Member

    Sorry, I don't understand your question?
  7. jeffev

    jeffev Member

    it not a question it's a fact
  8. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse New Member

    Sorry didn't read your message properly.
  9. doitall

    doitall New Member

    What jeffey is saying "you must have at least one Wc thats connected directly to the stack" no macerator or mechanical means
  10. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse New Member

    Yes I know what he's saying, I read it as "Is it alright to------
  11. Cornish Crofter

    Cornish Crofter Active Member

    Yes - standard toilet is fitted on the first floor, two floors up from kitchen and utility room.

    The BCO thought it may be overkill to fit two macerators whereas one may do all of the following:

    Washand basin
    Utility, including sink and washing machine
    Kitchen including sink and diswasher

    Any views on this? It may make the plumbing easier. The model is a Sanisplit combi 3. I actually have two of these just in case, but could be persuaded to fit only one if it will do.



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