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  1. Bjm666

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    Hi all.

    I have just fitted two new rads, tee'd onto what I assume is the primary flow and return from the boiler (28mm reduced down to 15mm to the rads) (the only connections accessible). All piping and connections seem to be good and the rads filled correctly and bled.

    The boiler flow pipe is getting hot and all other rads are too. No heat though is passing down the new loop to the new rads. I have tried closing all other rads but it made no difference.

    I have no doubt done something daft but any suggestions would be appreciated. And I had thought I had done such a good job!!

  2. sam spade

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    What size (kW) is the boiler?

    Are the pipes at the boiler 28mm?

    Do you have a hot water cylinder? If so, what size are the pipes connected to the side of the cylinder?
  3. Dave does Gas

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    You say that you have tee'd straight into the boiler primaries, I realy hope that you mean the secondarys after the pump and valves and defiantly gone in after the cold feed and open vent.
    If you have an old gravity system it could be that you have tee'd into the gravity section which is for your hot water and wont work because it needs to be pumped.
  4. Bjm666

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    Thanks for the reply x 2.

    Large oil boiler (120). Pipes at boiler 28mm. Yes, hot water cylinder. Pipes at cylinder 22mm. System fitted some 16 years ago and been running fine. No issues.

    You will appreciate that I have had to break through plasterboard on a fishing exercise to find the pipes. I am not certain of anything other than they are 28mm running from and back to the boiler and the flow gets hot when we switch the CH on and lead into the main body of the house and presumably upstairs to the hot water tank (where the CH pump is also located). We were thinking the same here in that we may have to fit a pump if this is a primary supply without sufficient flow but I cannot figure out how the flow is not pushing down the tee at all.

    Big learning process.

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