2 way radio ?

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  1. sams

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    Dose anyone one have experience of 2 way radio ??

    Basically what we have is a base station and several handheld radios for staff

    Part of the radio set up is a door bell push which is used by delivery drivers at a gate. when the bell push is pressed it sends a signal to all handheld radios to let staff know someone is present at the delivery gate

    Basically the system has stooped working, Anyone any experience of such a system ?
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  2. Mr. Handyandy

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    :) Try a new battery in the bell push!
  3. sams

    sams Member

    if only it was that simple

    its hard wired back to the base station somehow
  4. Lectrician

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    Test continuity of the cable and button.
  5. MGW

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    If hard wired then not a radio. But yes my mother has a door bell powered by mains which sends with a DECT system as used in most cordless phones to a cordless receiver. It could be set to send to cordless phone but only one phone not all.

    I am sure there are systems which can send to all phones but it's the DECT system which is the important bit not a simple two way radio. With one works I was at we had boosters to increase the signal but the draw back with DECT system is limit to 5 units.

    Larger systems often involve a licence and often this involves selecting a firm with a contract to maintain the radios. There are so many systems it would be hard to say which you have. Many use a shared band as secondary users in the UHF or 70cm band. The primary users can use 400 watt but secondary users limited to mW so it can be swapped.

    As others have said first ensure nothing simple like power tripped. With DECT adding a phone can kick out another so have any phones been renewed. Many radios also use sub-audible tones simply losing the settings due to say a power cut could stop it working.

    So standard thing if all else fails read the instruction book.
  6. Bazza-spark

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    If your base station and hansdets can all communicate with each other using standard voice, then it is either the bell push, the cable from that to the transmitter or the transmitter.

    Try shorting the terminal on the transmitter that the bell push is connected to. If that works it is the wiring or bell push. If not your transmitter is probably stuffed.

    Kind regards

  7. Radiotronics

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    Hi sams,

    This forum thread is a little old now. Assuming you solved your issue, perhaps this can be useful to someone else.

    This sounds like a typical two-way radio based doorbell/intercom system. How it typically works is that there will be a panel on the wall. This will be connected to the back panel logic port of a mobile (vehicle) two-way radio (with a PSU and miniature antenna) that will be mounted in a box on the other side of the wall, or in a nearby cupboard or office. This radio is sometimes called a gateway radio. This radio sends a signal to other radios in range (sometimes via a radio repeater) with a special code that tells the receiving radio that the doorbell (or button) has been pressed. This allows a team member to either respond, presuming the doorbell has a built-in microphone and speaker, or simply walk to the door and answer the door.

    Some systems extend this functionality into opening controls. So when a visitor approaches a door, a locked gate or a barrier, they can press the intercom and a radio operator can respond and even open the gate or barrier using a button on the portable radios. This works by typically sending a response down the logic port of the gateway radio which is connected to a relay of some kind.

    If your doorbell or intercom no longer works but your portable radios still work, the problem is likely to be with the gateway radio and probably an issue with the PSU or fuse.

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