2013 mk 7 transit key ?

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by dvddvd, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. dvddvd

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    Hi all, I was only supplied with 1 key for my Ford Transit ( the blue type with central locking)

    What's the cheapest way to get a replacement. I just want a spare in case I lose it, don't need the remote central locking etc. Just a key that I can put into lock and start the engine? As an emergency?

    Can I just take the old one in and have it cut? Does it need programming? Etc thanks
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  3. Wayners

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    Not going to answer exactly because I have got mk6 transit connect on a 06 plate. Maybe Mk7 is different system? We have a local general lock smiths that cut a key and cloned the chip. I can't remember how much it cost but wasn't to pricy. I'll guess at £20+ ish. Timpsons sometimes have a half price offer on van and car keys and also can clone the chip.Just phone your local lock smiths and see what that say
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    Have to say. First thing any van I get has is a secondary locking system.

    Manufacturers standard locks are simply not fit for purpose.

    Currently have L4V deadlock on side door and rear doors on my Relay.

    Three times I have had someone have a real go. Three times they havent got in.

    They even tried to jack the side door open and the lock didnt give.
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    For the first 4 years I never bother with the l4v locks fitted to my van. Only had 1 key and when I enquired the lock Smith wanted paperwork and proof of ownership so I never bothered. Seen video of transit break in which was so simple I flapped. I looked at getting a key cut and to start locking doors with l4v locks. £10 off ebay for spare key and I use now. Brilliant
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    If fitted then use them, simple, even in daytime, tools aren't safe in a van.

    If I had a good van, then I would fit a vehicle tracker Cat 6 or more likely the better spec Cat 5, yes, it's expense, but save you a lot of hassle, if your van was nicked,some offer a duration of vehicle ownership subscription.
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    You can even buy a Tibbe key on Amazon that will open most Fords.

    As other have said, dispense with the Ford keys and get some after market ones
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