22mm pipe from mains to bathroom for electric shower, basin and toilet

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    Im about to take out the bath and have an electric shower fitted in the bathroom which is downstairs, hot water comes in on 22mm from immersion heater and mains cold on 15mm from kitchen,

    also going to remove the old immersion tank setup in the kitchen and replace with a small 10litre stored water heater for the basins.

    Was going to pull out all the 22mm and run 15mm into the bathroom for the new hot feed, now im thinking i might just switch the feeds over and use the 22mm which is already there to feed mains cold upto the shower( and maybe improve flow abit) and just take 15mm feeds of it for shower ,toilet and basin colds and use what was the original 15mm cold feed to run the 10lt hot tank to the basin.

    saves me having to remove the 22mm and buy/fit 15mm,

    Will using 22mm as the mains cold cause any negative affects?
    Thanks for any help.
  2. Nope.

    Enjoy :)

    (The new hot heater is mains-pressure driven?)

    (PS - it's 'effects' not 'affects'. Grammer lessons are part of the service...)
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    Yes mains pressure for the heater.
    Well spotted, the amount of times i've seen people confuse those words and thought i don't know how they manage it :oops:
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  4. It should all be fine.
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    "Grammar" even.....?:rolleyes:
    Now you've gone and affected me effects....
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