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  1. Vincent Rattray

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    hope someone can help , I did my 2360 parts 1&2 between 1998 & 2001

    I have the following part 1 units
    Electrical installation theory part 1 assignments- pass
    Electrical installation theory part 1basic installation practices and technology pass
    Associated electronics technology - pass

    I have the following part 2 units
    Electrical installation theory part 2 -assignments - pass
    Electrical installation theory part 2 - installation, commissioning and fault diagnosis- pass
    Level 3 certificate in electrical installation theory part 2 - electrical science and principles- credit
    All are unit credits towards and not actual full certificates

    can anyone of the same era confirm if I have all parts or am I missing some ?
    I’ve got my 2391 and 18 th edition and have worked in the industry for 20+ years
    Thanks in advance

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  2. unphased

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    I think there is an actual certificate that should go with the 2360 parts one and two unit credits. Get in touch with C&G they are quite helpful.
  3. spinlondon

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    Should be 2 certificates, part 1 and part 2.
  4. sparko69

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    I think you should have a certificate for part 1 and part 2 but you have got the 2391 and that is the qualification that matters and that's what employers look for.
    The reason the 2391 is such a valued qualification is because you have to be knowledgeable to pass it and many good electricians could not pass it
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