28CDi RSF Worcester Bosch Tado Thermostat

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    I currently have a Worcester Boshch 28CDi RSF Combi Boiler and would like to connect this to my new Tado Smart Meter.


    Reading the manual, it seems that ST8 (figure 11) is the terminal to which I should connect the thermostat to.


    Off the boiler, where does Ns Ls and Lr connect to on the Tado terminals?

    Can you please let me know which terminals to connect?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. titch2k6

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    Remove the link between Ls and Lr within your boiler after isolating the supply.
    Ls (Live Supply) on boiler goes to COM (Common) on the thermostat and Lr (Live Return) on the boiler goes to NO (Normally Open) terminals.
    You do not require the Ns (Neutral Supply) from the boiler as your Smart device has its own 230V operating supply.

    If the boiler does not work when 'calling for heat', swap the NO (Normally Open) connection to NC (Normally Closed) connection for the Lr cable.

    As I am not familiar with this device, I do not know if the thermostat opens or closes the contacts for 'call heat', but the boiler does look for a closed contact to operate, hence the jumper link between Ls and Lr as default.
  3. PandA3

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    Answer is as above. (and its COM - NO)
    But you don't mention if you already have a room stat?.. or something already connected?
    The TADO is a Great bit of kit for a Combi boiler solution, that already has a wired room stat.
    No need for receivers. No need to go near the boiler wiring. Pretty much idiot proof.
    And it works great through the internet app from anywhere and even has location control so auto turns on when you get near home etc...
    Cant believe why so many people opt for Hive/Nest etc, that involves installing receivers and hard wiring into the boiler.

    If you already have a wired wall thermostat, simply swap it for the TADO and put the neutral (if there is one) safely in to one of the 'Parking Terminals'

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