3 port valve with no mid position ?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by ajohn, Dec 7, 2018 at 10:14 PM.

  1. ajohn

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    Things don't seem to be very clear on these. Already bought one but it turned out to be an A or A&B. Ok for hotwater on A but heating runs at a different temperature so A & B not a good idea.

    So need spring return to hot water and power to change to heating ie a pure A or B. The one that is on is 3 wire - one is earth.

    I seem to be having problems locating one that will do this. Any ideas? Many now seem to be 4 or 5 wire so perhaps they can be wired to work this way. Or the correct type of 3 wire. Ideal source would be screwfix or toolstation but a valve type number would help. Not keen on spending much as the boiler will probably be going next year. :mad: The current one has gone sort of mid position at times on hot water only and as it's also getting into heating never gets there.

  2. Mike83

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  3. ajohn

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    :) Thanks £69 off ebay so bought one. It's funny how these things always act up as winter comes along. Not really I suppose it usually just on hot water only.

    :rolleyes: When we do replace the boiler I'll probably be asking what to replace a boiler with a small heat store built in for indirectly heated hot water and very preferably vented as well. :( Why oh why did Bosch not carry on making them when they took over Worcester.

  4. heatyman

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    What is wrong with a combi? You can plumb the heating circuit through a Yplan as well if you want a cylinder.
  5. nigel willson

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    Is called a diverter valve!
  6. nigel willson

    nigel willson Well-Known Member

    Or an s plan! Otherwise need two port valve as Well!
  7. kiaora

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    I think you may have got the wrong type, you need a 5 wire mid position.
    And cylinder stat?

    Then you can have both or either! H/w and/or c/h

  8. ajohn

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    No I need a 3 port A or B 3 wire spring return. The reason for replacing it is that it's gone a bit A&B.

    So called W plan but for higher hot water demands but it just takes just 3 to 4 mins to heat what it needs to on hot water if the hot water is run for long enough. It use a rather small heat store to indirectly heat the hot water at mains pressure. When the store has been depleted the water still runs warm. The general idea is a bath can be run and say 4 min later another can be run. It is a bit like a combi really but no water heating lag at all. That was something of a problem when it was installed.

  9. The Teach

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    The 3 port valve is maybe specific to your appliance,getting the correct valve & actuator makes fitting easier due to location and some actuators have a moulded on plug to fit the pcb.

    Which appliance do you have ? or a photo of the valve & actuator will help find replacements ;)

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