3 x £50 excesses for one visit???

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by arsenalboy, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. arsenalboy

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    I have a Valliant EcoTec 831 installed and maintained by a well known company with British in their name.

    It is well out of warranty and I have an agreement that provides an annual service and breakdown cover with a £50 excess.

    It has never missed a heartbeat until a few days ago when heating and hot water went, an F75 code appeared and water was dripping from the casing.

    It was last serviced 20 months ago and they would not come to service during the last year because of the pandemic and I understand that.

    They came pretty quick because we are elderly.

    The engineer replaced 3 parts. The worksheet states 1)Leaking diverter cartridge 2)Low water pressure switch faulty 3)Expansion vessel was shot.

    He told me he had left the parts and when I said I only have a £50 excess to pay, he said I would receive an invoice for £150 as 3 parts were replaced.

    I said it was only one breakdown but he said it was 3 parts that were not linked and they would be treated separately. He said one part could have been going and not causing any problem.

    Can I ask a question please?

    Are these parts linked causing a domino effect? And if the boiler had its inspection service 8 months ago, would it have picked up a failing part that would have stopped the domino effect?

    Thoughts greatly received as £150 seems a bit high handed when I didnt even get my annual service.
  2. terrymac

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    Check the conditions of your contract .Specifically the £50 excess and what that covers.
    Servicing and breakdowns are two different things. And a service won't stop parts from wearing out ,or becoming faulty.
    Good luck with what your cover is ,hope it's the lower .
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  3. arsenalboy

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    I appreciate that but my question is that if the service took place, as it should have done under normal conditions, it might have picked up a failing part. Replacement of that part would have cost the £50 excess and it might have stopped the other 2 parts failing.

    I do not understand if these parts are interlinked or not?
  4. Hans_25

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    I would suggest to read the agreement and especially any small print regarding the £50 excess. Being charged £50 x3 does seem excessive and frankly a rip off as its one visit and one failure. But the small print may tell another story e.g. labour is free (included in the cover) but parts are chargeable with an (£50) excess per part. That's how they make their money.

    Personally I don't have any cover, but ensure I know a local trade who can come out and fix things reliably should anything go wrong.
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  5. terrymac

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    No ,one part replacing would have no bearing on the others .
  6. Mike83

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    I would say the 3 parts are not linked.
    3 different issues.
    To get be honest £150 for those parts fitted is decent any other time.
    But it really should only be £50 as it was one visit.
    If they can come and repair it then they should be servicing it.
    Not servicing it is a joke.
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  7. Dave does Gas

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    Hear this all the time about BG, more interested in profit than their customers. If I were you Id cancell the contract use the gas safe site to find an installer local to you and use a sole trader who will have you and your boilers interests a heart
  8. arsenalboy

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    If the 3 items are not linked and are different issues then presumably only one of them was the cause of the breakdown and the other 2 were not causing problems.?

    Sorry if a daft observation but I do not understand boilers!
  9. jonathanc

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    you don't need to understand boilers, that's why you have insurance. You need to understand insurance policies. So i had a dig around for the booklet for your insurance. it says

    excess/fixed fee - the amount you’ve chosen to pay towards each completed repair or replacement.

    repair(s)/repairing/ repaired - to fix your boiler, appliance or system following an individual fault or breakdown but not repairs that are purely cosmetic (for example mould, dents or scratches)

    please check your particular wording but.

    Raise a complaint with the company and/or the insurance ombudsman. The key point is that an excess is payable for a repair following a breakdown. "British" cannot argue that each part is a repair because if they did then they would have to prove the boiler would be " repaired" or not "broken down" after replacing the part. which it wasn't. You made one claim for one breakdown and one excess is payable. The treatment you have received is bordering on fraudlent trading. Think about having a car accident or a claim on your home insurance. let's say you were burgled once and the thieves broke into two rooms - would you have to pay the excess for each room? no.

    This is one event a breakdown, one claim to fix it and one excess payable. Anything else is dishonest. oh and while you are at it then ask for the money back because of the lack of boiler service. Its not your fault there is a pandemic, they were paid for the service and should do it
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  10. Mike83

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    The pressure sensor (f75) was you main issue.
    The other 2 issues whilst not causing issues just now, would have very soon.
    Changing the 3 parts was the correct thing to do.
    But the other 2 issues should have been causing pressure issues I would say.
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  11. arsenalboy

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    Jonathanc, thank you, that is a really helpful reply, really appreciated.

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