32mm grommets for BG consumer unit?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by rogerk101, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. rogerk101

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    Can anyone here suggest why neither Screwfix nor Toolstation stock 32mm rubber grommets for the punchouts in the top of a consumer unit. I have numerous 20mm ones that I have used for all the other cables, but I couldn't get a 10mm2 T&E to work with a 20mm one. I punched out a 32mm hole in the CU only to discover that our hosts and their main competitor don't stock any 32mm grommets. I had to order them through eBay.
  2. nigel willson

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    Always used stripe down piece of 2.5 mm sheath,cut down side edge. Slotted so that it bends.ps dont
    do consumer units anymore
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    OK, so you don't use grommets, but you do line the hole with the outer layer of T&E.
    The BG CU that I bought came with a length of liner, which I could fit, but it wouldn't close off the hole completely once the 10mm2 T&E was running through the hole. I thought that the hole had to be sealed off.
  4. nigel willson

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    Intumescent filler! Plan b open up the 20mm hole slightly
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    I though of these but I am wary of the 'type test' pedants that lurk in here :)
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    .ps dont
    do consumer units anymore

    Same here Nigel, (and life is much simpler)!
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