3hr old boiler Fan/fluerror - advised to get a new one?

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by uncle sam, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Hi there,

    I have a Potterton Proforma 30 HE condensing boiler installed Dec 2009 so its just shy of being 4 years old. It started displaying an error in May when turning on the hot tap or heating and it stops the boiler from firing up, it happened intermittently for a few weeks and then stopped and the boiler worked fine since. I've still not turned the heating back on this year yet but over the last few weeks the error has started again when running the hot tap and again happens intermittently but every day. The error light is indicating a fault with the fan or flume.

    I had someone come and look at but the error didnt happen so I could only tell them about the fault. They opened it up for about a minute to look at the pump (which was dated 2006) and advised me to get a new boiler as the cost of a new fan and air pressure switch would be about £500 anyway. Also said it could be a problem with PCB.

    I know it's a midrange boiler but I still done expect to have to get a new boiler after 4 years.

    My question is, would u agree that im better off getting a new boiler. Also is it normal for a Potterton Boiler installed in Dec 2009 to have a 2006 pump on it.

    Many Thanks in advance

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    It's not good practice to post the same question on different forums.
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    Boiler fixed.

    'Boilers r us' came round, £35 call out charge. Opened her up, looked at the pump and said it was installed in 2006, that's how far they investigated it... I told them no it was installed 2010. They said must be when it was made then. They suggested a new boiler as it could be lots of reasons. They left and I'm £35 down.

    Called another guy who never turned up

    Getting frustrated I looked at the step by step troubleshooting in manual. Fan was working so the next thing to check was air pressure switch. Was tempted to buy the part and try myself.

    Called another local place called XP Plumbing. Went through the step by step on manual and a simple test (he showed me) revealed it was the air pressure switch. Part and 1hrs labour plus vat came to a total of £155. When I asked him about the pump being 2006 he showed me it and there was nothing on there to suggest it was built/installed in 2006.
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    Pros eh!!


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