3way valve put in the wrong way by plumber

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Din21, Nov 30, 2021.

  1. Din21

    Din21 New Member

    Can you let me know if there will be any damage done to the water cylinder if the 3 way valve is put in the wrong way round?

    They will be putting this back the right way round.
  2. quasar9

    quasar9 Screwfix Select

    What do you mean “wrong way round” ? . A 3 port valve has one input from boiler and two outputs, one to cylinder and other to the radiators. If swapped, it won’t do any harm other than heating your rads instead of the cylinder and vice versa. When calling for both heat and hot water, there will be no difference.
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  3. nigel willson

    nigel willson Screwfix Select

    Nothing dangerous, however will not function correctly. Why do you think this has happened?
  4. Din21

    Din21 New Member

    The boilerman fitted it the wrong way, we only discovered it when we went to switch the hot water on and the radiators were getting hot
    also, the heating comes on upstairs and not downstairs and the water doesn't heat up properly
  5. Teki

    Teki Screwfix Select

    If there is only one valve, it seems you have more than just a swapped port issue. Perhaps you need to hire a more competent plumber?
  6. JOMEL

    JOMEL Screwfix Select

    Former Plumber here.
    I fear for the future.

    Johnny M
  7. Din21

    Din21 New Member

    So do I

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