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  1. Cashy

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    I have replaced the bulb in my bathroom, which is 4 pin ceiling mounted. The bulb I have used is Philips and paid a little more for it, the bulb hasasted only 2 months and previous to this the same situation!
    Bulbs don't seem to last?
    Is there any reason apart from faulty bulbs? Just seems a bit coincidental.
    Happy help would be much appreciated.
  2. quasar9

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    Just bad luck ! Although the controlling electronics may have developed a fault.
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  4. Cashy

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  5. Cashy

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    Just frustrating that the bulbs I have used claim to have a 10 year life expectancy! I have re-ordered another bulb. If it continues I'll have a qualified electrician to look at it.
  6. Teki

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    Philips do offer a warranty replacement but I suspect one of two things as you've had two lamps fail after a short period of time:
    1. You are using a 28W lamp with a 38W ballast (check the label or marking inside the fitting)
    2. The ballast is failing
    Either of the above will cause premature failure of the lamp.

    The easiest thing to do if you feel able is to replace the entire fitting with an LED one:


    The light output will be instantaneous and no need for changing lamps!
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  7. Cashy

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    Perfect, thanks for your reply
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