40 year old plasterboard?

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    Similar to Ben48's post but think mine might be slightly different and maybe worse?

    Haven't been in the place long and still getting used to its idiosyncrasies. Its a 40 year old Barratt's house. The internal walls in the whole house have been covered with what appears go be two layers of lining paper that has then been painted. The lining paper has been savaged by recent plumbing and electrical work and needs be removed prior to a us either emulsion or wall papering. Stripping off the lining paper is proving difficult and is exposing what looks like a pink primer that is flaking off with the lining paper. Under the primer (I'm guessing thats what it is) is what appears to be a soft paper like finish. I don't mind putting the work in to resolve and would like to avoid skiming if I can.
    Any advice on how I can prepare this would be appreciated.

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